More Editing?

Just received a rash of editing information from some friends, so I guess it’s back to 1-4 for now. Given that I have a class finishing this week, and a convention this weekend, I’ll try to get through this as quickly as possible. 🙂

This, this can be the slow part of writing.


News from the World of Shadows

Well, by Monday, I should have copies of my new professional kit in hand–stationary templates, business card templates, and web pages. I’ll go live with it probably sometime in the realm of March 20th–after all the Anime Detour antics are over with.

Meanwhile, last night I finished my revisions of chapter 3 and 4. By the time you read this, I will have polished chapters 1-4 with suggestions from various readers in the writing workshop, and reposted those chapters at the workshop.

What comes next is a return to that outtake scene that I had started before I discovered that the first four chapters of Substance were description-arid. I will finish that, and have that small project done and out to the people that asked for it.

We now are at 105 pages, and counting. Much of chapter 5 will be all new, all different material. It’s been good to let the plot evolve in my brain a bit.


Tightening, Stretching

Already beginning with the spooky Eurydice stuff in the first scene of chapter 3? Well, why not? Gotta find some reason to keep you reading.

The strength of Stephanus and Errol’s relationship is being formed in these chapters, so I’m also trying to milk that, as well as strengthen my presentation of Elaine and Carlo Borgia.

This is hard work, especially when you won’t quit your day job, or any of your evening activities. Onward, then.


Chapter 2: More Boyhood

I’ve added boyhood scenes into chapter 2, and I’m in the process of doing it in chapter 3. Trying to strengthen the familial bonds. Have begun chapter 3.

Trudge, trudge, trudge.

And while it’s not live yet, you can see how the ole website is progressing…

I think much coolness.


Chapter 2

Yesterday, I meant chapter 2, not chapter 1 for new scenes. I’m finishing the last scene of chapter 2, which used to be the first scene of chapter 3. The story is more sturdy and human now, the way it’s supposed to be.


Revision Continues

Working my way through description in chapter 2. As I’ve done this, the purpose of the book, what I think has been missing, has hit me alongside the head like a Schwarzenegger wallop.

Substance of Shadows has ALWAYS been a book about an abused boy, and how he did or didn’t cope, regardless of the choices around him. It is still going to be that story. I’ve been too wrapped up in what’s around him. F*** that. That’s changing too.