The Wrath of Horus (Klaereon Scroll #3)

The Wrath of Horus (Klaereon Scroll #3)

The Wrath of Horus is a Horror Finalist in the 2022 Next Generation Indie Book Awards!

Here’s an interview with me by Terri LeBlanc of Swampfox Books, where I discuss and read from The Wrath of Horus.
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Praise for The Wrath of Horus

“The Wrath of Horus is a gripping descent into a world where the darkness makes magic–and love–shine all the more brightly.” –Kate Heartfield, author of The Embroidered Book and Armed in Her Fashion

“The Klaereon Saga continues with a terrifying descent into hell that will rend hearts and forge new bonds. Who will make it back to the living world with their minds and souls intact?”–J. Kathleen Cheney, author of the Golden City series

“Catherine Schaff-Stump’s Klaereon Scroll series is among the top-tier of historical fantasy being published today. It´s not easy to imagine a 19th-century European setting which features characters from Egyptian Mythology embroiled in a plot concerning several (and often rival) schools of magic, but Catherine has done her research and combines all these elements into an unprecedented, page-turning narrative. The Wrath of Horus builds upon the ruins, so to speak, left from the events in the first two books, and follows the next generation of Klaereons as they must deal with the consequences of a pact made long before they were born.” –Christopher Kastensmidt, author of The Elephant and Macaw Banner novelettes and role-playing games.


For Gregorius Klaereon, his Trial with the god Horus isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about the fight. His temperament aggressive, his anger on display for all to see, Greg is a direct contrast to his brother Marcellus, the perfect Lord Klaereon, the prophet who can do no wrong. How Marc tolerates Greg is a mystery to Greg himself, especially as Greg knows deep down that Greg is responsible for the deaths of his parents.On the eve of the Klaereon birthday celebration, two days before Greg’s Trial, Greg fights with his cousin Flavia Borgia, and the two of them activate a reality shard which sends them, Marc, and others to the Abyss. There, they are judged and scattered throughout the nine circles. Greg, alone, discovers his Trial was the least of his worries as he is confronted by Set, the god of destruction, in a desolate landscape where his shadow powers no longer work. While Greg endures, certain his rightful punishment has found him, Marc and the others scramble to reunite, rescue Greg, and make their way to the Golden City of the banished Egyptian pantheon, desperate to find a way home.


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