Writer Education: Workshops

The following is a list of workshops that can help speculative fiction writers gain an education in the business. If you know of other workshops to add to the list, please let me know.

Invitation Only Beginner Workshops

Center for the Study of Science Fiction
–two-week workshop experiences, one on SF writing in general, and one on the art of the novel.
–instructors include Christopher McKitterick, Bradley Denton, and James Gunn
–Kij Johnson leads the novel workshop

Science Fiction Writer’s Workshop
Science Fiction and Fantasy Novel Writers Workshop
–there is an additional week option of a follow-up workshop for previous students who are repeating the SF/F Novel Writers Workshop

Clarion Writing Workshops
–the Clarion workshops are six week experiences that focus on short story

Clarion Writing Workshop at University of California–San Diego
Clarion West in Seattle, Washington

Odyssey Writing Workshop
–a six-week experience headed by an editor.
–See Gerald Warfield’s article on Odyssey!

Viable Paradise
–one-week intensive workshop experience

Journeyman Workshops
–these workshops usually require some sort of prerequisite, such as participation in a previous workshop of a certain type.

Milford Writers Conference welcomes multi-published writers and relative newcomers.

Taos Toolbox is a two-week master class for graduates of a beginning workshop, or those who have that quality of writing. See the application process for more details.

Villa Diodati Workshop
–a home for English-language writers of fantasy and science fiction in Europe. Need to have professional publication, semi-pro publication in critical mass, or participation in a professional level workshop.