The Pawn of Isis (Klaereon Scroll #2)

The Pawn of Isis (Klareon Scroll #2)


Praise for The Pawn of Isis

“Catherine Schaff-Stump has created a rich and fascinating version of history, peopled by characters who step confidently off the page. These atmospheric and finely crafted novels will keep you up late and stay with you long after the final page.”–Kate Heartfield, author of Armed in Her Fashion and the Alice Payne novellas

“Humans are shown as complicated and fallible, capable of doing terrible things, but also capable of heroic actions.” –Beth Hudson, author of Seeing Green and Etched in Fire


In 1842, Carlo Borgia has moved on with his life, studying as a student of medical magic in Berlin, leaving behind his relationship with Lucy Klaereon, a woman literally without feeling. A visit from Drusus Claudian, Octavia Klaereon’s resurrected husband, pulls Carlo back into the Klaereon web of shadows. Lucy has exiled Drusus from the family home, and Drusus begs Carlo to help him.

Carlo returns to Mistraldol and discovers his romantic feelings for Lucy remain. Carlo worries that Ra, imprisoned inside of Lucy, is driving Lucy mad and enabling her to control Drusus. He enlists the aid of the reformed and respected Octavia, now head of the Klaereon family, responsible for policing her unstable sister and resurrected husband. Rival magician Atreus Galt accuses Octavia of killing her own father, and she is imprisoned , awaiting examination by the council of magical families.

Lucy will protect Octavia, at any cost. Carlo scrambles to prove Octavia’s innocence, save Drusus from Lucy’s control, and bring Lucy back to the woman he loves.

His worst enemies in this struggle, Drusus and Lucy, are also his best allies.


The Pawn of Isis
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