Viable Paradise

Viable Paradise is a writing workshop that takes place on Martha’s Vineyard every fall. It gives aspiring writers a chance to participate in workshops with “the next generation of science fiction and fantasy writers.” You get a chance to consult with some incredible instructors as well. The following page will help you find out more about the experience and how to apply.

It’s also a place for me to link to some profiles of my fellow VP XIIIers!

Bo Balder
Brent Bowen
Steve Buchheit
Chris Cornell
Sean Craven
Marion Engelke
Chia Evers
George Galuschak
Robyn Hamilton
Kat Hankinson
L.K. Herndon
Matt Hughes
Irina Ivanova
E.F. Kelley
Leah Miller
Darice Moore
Drew Morby
Lisa Nohealani Morton
Julia Rios
Catherine Schaff-Stump (with thanks to Sean Craven)
Ferrett Steinmetz
Miranda Suri
Brandie Tarvin
Christian Walter



photo courtesy of Matt Hughes

Viable Paradise
Viable Paradise Index
Official Viable Paradise Site
Student Sales Page

Bo Balder:
Viable Paradise, the aftermath

Brent Bowen
So What’s Your Story? #vpiii

Steve Buchheit
Long awaited VP Posts: emotional side up
Long Awaited VP Posts: What I learned on my Fall Vacation
Long Awaited VP Posts: The Missing Post

Christopher Cornell
Viable Paradise XIII, Part 1: The Unnecessary Prologue
Viable Paradise XIII, Part 2: Setting
Viable Paradise XIII, Part 3: Characters
Viable Paradise XIII, Part 4: The Plot Thickens
Viable Paradise XIII, Part 5: Random Wisdom

Sean Craven
Return from Paradise
Chili-Dog Casserole, as served at Viable Paradise XIII

Marion Engelke
Writing after Viable Paradise

Chia Evers
So, What Was It Like?

Matt Hughes
From the Little Island
,,,and Home Again
Viable Paradise–Sunday
Viable Paradise–Monday
Viable Paradise–Tuesday
Viable Paradise–Wednesday
Viable Paradise–Thursday
Viable Paradise–Friday
Viable Paradise–Saturday
Viable Paradise–Tips for Future Students

E.F. Kelley
Back from the Vineyard

(occupationally discreet moniker)
On Viable Paradise

Darice Moore
from My Candle Burns at Both Ends

Julia Rios
Dear Mr. Viable, May I call you Paradise?

Cath Schaff-Stump
Rain, Travel, Books
And You May Ask Yourself…
Viable Paradise: Reflections
Viable Paradise Glossary

MacAllister Stone
VP Veggie Curry, because I promised Darice

Brandie Tarvin
The Workshop Experience
How Viable Paradise Works