Taos Toolbox

Taos Toolbox takes place in June or July at the Snow Bear Ski Lodge in Taos Ski Valley. Originated by Walter John Williams, every year Nancy Kress and Walter teach students the tools they need to succeed in publishing. A different guest speaker joins them every year.

This page outlines the experience of Taos Toolbox 2012, with journal reflections and interviews from the participants.

Student Interviews

Lis Bass
Chris East
Catherine Evleshin
Maura Glynn-Thami
Corry Lee
David McAmis
Sara Mueller
Dinesh Pulandram
Pat Scaramuzza
Catherine Schaff-Stump
Rebecca Stevenson
Lauren C. Teffeau
Gerald Warfield
Sandra Wickham
Fran Wilde

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Instructor Reflections

Nancy Kress
Taos Toolbox Day 1
Taos Toolbox Days 2 and 3
Taos Toolbox Days 4 and 5
Taos Toolbox: The Weekend
Taos Toolbox Day 8
Taos Toolbox Days 8 and 9
Taos Toolbox Days 11 and 12

Walter Jon Williams
Smooth Entry
Virtual Tee
Lovely Day in the Neighborhood
As We Stagger Half-Blind Onto the Shores of the Marathon
Must Have Slipped My Mind

Student Reflections

Chris East
Taos Toolbox 2012

Catherine Schaff-Stump
Taos Toolbox: You Will Always Love Your First, but Later You Will Love in Different Ways
Cath’s Epiphany: Technique Versus Vision
Some Pictures from Another Planet
Taos Toolbox: Education
Taos Toolbox: Community

Lauren Teffeau
Taos Bound
Taos Toolbox Postmortem
Asking for More

Fran Wilde
Breaking Plot
Power Positions