Oh Marcellus! *sniffle*

Rough scene writing today. I killed Marcellus. That won’t come until much later in the Klarion stories, but I wrote the scene today for the outtakes from the original version of the story. It was so sad! When I get a chance, I’ll post it in various spots.

Plotted chapter 2 of the original work. I will introduce new characters in Elaine and Isolde (the first live generation of Klarions in the story), get the Hathersage kids in the story (Amanda, Robbie, Milo, and a more British named Suki) and get Carlo Borgia set up as a tutor in the story. That should finish out the chapter, and get the story moving with a bit of kid adventure.

Tomorrow I’ll load about 3 scenes from my zip drive into the chapter outtakes that are already written, and write the rough drafts of chapter 2, provided the weather cooperates with me and lets me get to the zip drive tomorrow.

Stay warm! Stay dry! Stay upright!


No such thing as a free lunch

Well, the giri outline is done, and now I have to procrastinate further write the selected scenes I’ll enjoy!

Actually, for those of you who asked for the outline, it should be coming to you no later than Tuesday, depending on the virtues or lack thereof of tomorrow’s windshield repair man. The inserted scenes will follow as soon as possible.


On the real writing front, I revised another chapter today: the chapter in which Stephanus and Errol visit Esme, and Stephanus is attacked by Ma’at. It’s also the chapter where Geoffrey tells Errol about the Klarion curse. Unlike revising the first chapter, this writing is pretty good, and I’m happier with it after the fact. I have moved this action up a little bit in time, making S&E older when it occurs.

Now, the dilemna. The very next chapter jumps ahead too fast for this book, so I must add more to this chapter for padding to make the story work. New, original material. And here I’d hoped to coast a little bit longer on old stuff. Well, there is no such thing as a free lunch, I guess. So, here are some ideas I’ve had.

My thoughts so far? These are my possibilities.

1. Explore the conversation Stephanus has with Geoffrey.
2. Have Grandma stop by.
3. Do a scene with the other side of the family.
4. Have Errol and Stephanus interact with some of the Hathersage kids.
5. Something else that hasn’t come to mind yet.

So, I’ll be exploring new scenes over the next couple of days, and hopefully come up with some detailing tomorrow during tomorrow’s writing session. If I can pen a couple of new scenes in the original story, and some scenes from the outline, I will consider it a successful day.

See you all tomorrow.


New Year’s Day Progress


First of all, melded together the first chapter of Substance of Shadows. Nothing substantial changed, so that was rewriting. Here’s what we did.

New names:
Stephanus Gale instead of You-Know-Who
Tink becomes Esper, a shadow servant

The basic stuff can stay. Atreus is still a drunken abuser of tiny children. Flavia is still the cold mother. The Klarions are still themselves.

I’ll earnestly be interested to see where the story goes once we get out of the early years. The boys will have tutors to begin with, but I’m going to send them to …public school? With normal kids?


The outline is finished!


Tomorrow’s tasks:

1. Read and polish outline.
2. Begin out take scenes.
3. Work on second chapter revision of Substance.


NYE Progress

Last night I managed to get to the final conflict on the outline of what would have happened in the fan fiction, then discovered that there are a lot of pieces to the final conflict, and that I needed to let the blighters simmer a bit.

So…moved onto the first chapter of the original Substance of Shadows, and played with it long enough to decide that the Erasmus Klarion piece at the beginning must go somewhere else.

Sort of a defeatist day for the muse, actually. I’m hoping when I sit back down tonight, it’s a little better.