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Caught in the middle of a tempestuous family battle over the crown, Sidhe knights Magdalene and Erynmir flee to the human realms. Spies lurk among humankind, like Pyramus and his Sluagh partners, who want to catch Magdalene and Erynmir and return them to the Winter Court. Magical creatures linked to the natural world stand with the Sidhe knights, as Magdalene and Erynmir find their way forward in this strange new place, and plot to save the Winter Court from dark forces.


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What is it about? Glad you asked!

The timing could not be worse. It is the eve of Gregorius Klaereon’s Trial. Carlo Borgia sees all the seeds of disaster in Greg’s fight with Horus, but the message he’s been waiting on for 14 years has finally come. A bookseller has found a spell for Carlo to make his way back to Duat, to see if his beloved Lucy and his good friends Drusus and Octavia have survived.

Carlo has every confidence he can return in time for Greg’s Trial. When he arrives in London, however, Carlo finds the bookseller dead and the book missing. Worse, Detective August Sorrell of Scotland Yard is certain Carlo is the murderer.

The clock is ticking as Carlo evades the police, searches for the book, and investigates the murder himself, only to find players from his own past are acting in the shadows.


Don’t forget you can pre-order the ebook of The Wrath of Horus as well. The Lady’s Step will be in the paperback version as well. Everything will be available on October 31st, the Klaereon birthday for those of you in the know.

Look at this beautiful cover by J. Kathleen Cheney!!!

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For Gregorius Klaereon, his Trial with the god Horus isn’t about winning or losing. It’s about the fight. His temperament aggressive, his anger on display for all to see, Greg is a direct contrast to his brother Marcellus, the perfect Lord Klaereon, the prophet who can do no wrong. How Marc tolerates Greg is a mystery to Greg himself, especially as Greg knows deep down that Greg is responsible for the deaths of his parents.

On the eve of the Klaereon birthday celebration, two days before Greg’s Trial, Greg fights with his cousin Flavia Borgia, and the two of them activate a reality shard which sends them, Marc, and others to the Abyss. There, they are judged and scattered throughout the nine circles. Greg, alone, discovers his Trial was the least of his worries as he is confronted by Set, the god of destruction, in a desolate landscape where his shadow powers no longer work.

While Greg endures, certain his rightful punishment has found him, Marc and the others scramble to reunite, rescue Greg, and make their way to the Golden City of the banished Egyptian pantheon, desperate to find a way home.


Look! It’s a feature about me from my day job at Kirkwood, talking about my writing career!


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The Wrath of Horus, release date set for 10-31-21. Watch this space for cover reveals, review news, and announcements!


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