What’s New?

It’s a new year! My next event this year is
the Northern Iowa Book Bash on April 6th in Clear Lake, Iowa. This is a pretty big deal for indie writers and readers, and exclusive early entry tickets are being sold now.

I plan to have two new books out for the event: The Devil’s Wingman and Other Stories, coming soon, and The Pawn of Isis, sequel to The Vessel of Ra. It is an excellent chance to pick those up, AND meet lots of other authors as well. Oh, and I guess there’s going to be an 80s blowout, so that’s cool.


New Books for 2019


Ebook at Amazon available now.

Several people have approached me for a long time about making copies of my short stories available. This collection is 11 of my short stories put together in one place. Some have been published before, and some are original to this volume. Michele Maakestad made the cover and completed the interior formatting.

The Table of Contents:
The Devil’s Wingman
Empress Dark
True Companion
My Time
Sister Night, Sister Moon
Turtle of the Earth
One in Four Adults
The Story of the World that Wasn’t
The Love Song of Oliver Toddle


To celebrate my foray into independent publishing, I am re-issuing The Vessel of Ra. With beautiful new artwork by J. Kathleen Cheney, Octavia Klaereon herself graces the page. Michele Maakestad is responsible for the interiors of the book.

One of the things I am most looking to as an independent publisher is being able to bring you the entire Klaereon Scroll Series, all 7 books. Also in the works are a serial and some novellas. The Magical Families will keep me busy for some time. I hope you enjoy their stories with me.

March 19, 2019

Lucy Klaereon is the cover and the subject of the second book in The Klaereon Scroll Series, The Pawn of Isis, with a beautiful cover by J.Kathleen Cheney and interiors by Michele Maakestad. I know you’ve waited a year and a half to find out what happens to everyone after the events in book one. Soon, you’ll know.