Seams of Reality

Leaving Florida this time made me wonder why I didn’t just go to Disney again. The answer, of course, was that I wanted to capstone my Harry Potter fan experience. I wanted to see the new Hogwarts, and share that love with my geeky Harry Potter friends in a small way, the four of us running around, playing like little kids.

My imagination is, apparently, better than Universal’s. And you know, I think if Disney had had this property, a few things would have been done differently.

Note the following list.

What I wanted: My own unique wand
What I got: A terrible death head’s wand that was obviously cheesy and plastic. (Later to be replaced by one that I liked better).
What Disney would have done: Made several build a wand stations at the park and its subsequent toy stores in Disney Marketplace

What I wanted: A wand that worked
What I got: A resin toy.
What Disney would have done: Set up a sort of Geocache game around the park, a la the kind of game at the Mall of America, or the Kim Possible scavenger hunt at EPCOT.

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Amuse Me, Oh Mighty Theme Parks

My friend Mark posts his thoughts about our recent trip to Universal Studios, and I think he does a very complete job reviewing our trip.

A couple of weeks ago, Ferrett also weighed in on the HP part of Islands of Adventure.

And Julia Rios talks about Disney briefly as she journeys through California.


Behind every great man going into Hogwarts, there has to be a very sweaty woman.

I agree with pretty much everything Mark and Ferrett said.

I also realized that Disney has become my theme park standard. More about me and Disney next entry.