Midnight, and the Writers are Sleepy

I am destined to not make it out of Boston cleanly. United had us at the gate on the plane for a while as we had generator issues. We did leave, and I figured I’d missed my flight. Poor Chicago weather delayed my connection, so I made it on! I arrived in Cedar Rapids about midnight, Bryon came and picked me up, and we hit the hay at 1:30.

It’s been a low key day, but luckily I’m on vacation.


The Clarion Write-a-thon continues apace. This is the week of chapter 7, and I got a good jump on that yesterday. More about this to come.


In transit, I also read books: The Last Chevalier, Red Hood’s Revenge, A College of Magics, and Extras. I’ll have something to say about all of those eventually.


It was fantastic to see about 1/4 of my VP workshop buddies over the weekend. We hung out, a lot. Perhaps the most interesting facet of the convention was that hanging out seemed to inspire creativity in us all. We would talk, do a few panels, and wander away to our rooms to sleep or write. And then we’d get together and talk about what we were doing. It makes me think that maybe what we want to do is save our pennies for reuniting at writer’s retreats, rather than hooking up at cons, but you guessed it, more on that later too.

Shout outs also to Sarah Prineas, who wasn’t there but said hello, Eugene Myer, who one can have an action-packed hall conversation with, and Elizabeth Bear for the 4th Street information. Our reading went very well, and hanging out with alumns and meeting more VP folks and nice writing people was just good.

I won’t be going to Readercon next year, as I’m already booked for North American Discworld in Madison the same weekend. While I liked Readercon fine, it’s not going to be one that is a must go for me. I missed my Wiscon with its open parties and it’s less hierarchical structure, and its feminist vibe. It was a little bit like going to Disney World first, and then going to Disneyland–I should have done it the other way around.

Priority one is writing the novel this week, but I’ll try to get back her and say something interesting and relevant. Right now, I’m thinking more dozing.