A couple of plugs have come to my attention from a couple of writers I know.

Writer Michael Jasper and artist Niki Smith launch the first issue of In Maps and Legends, their cool comic. You can buy it in a variety of digital venues.


J. Kathleen Cheney‘s novella “Snow Comes to Hawk’s Folley” is out in Panverse 2. I had the good fortune to read the this novella back in the pre-publication stages, and it’s a worthy successor to “Iron Shoes.”

Go out. Read. Enjoy.


The Grim Reaper

Ferrett publishes in Asimov’s. Asimov’s? That’s kind of impressive. I think congratulations are in order.


And now, some sobriety.

It’s been a strange morning here at Kirkwood. A student from Africa stopped in to drop her classes because her mother is dying in the Congo, and she must go away for a month. Her mother is 68.

Another student just called to tell me she wouldn’t be in class tomorrow night because her mother has succumbed to a virulent cancer, and the family is now on death watch.

This comes on the day that Bryon and I are running to Southern Iowa for a funeral visitation for his aunt Hilda, the fourth aunt or uncle Bryon has lost in the past year and a half.

Makes that other post I was going to write otherwise this morning seem frivolous, so I think I”ll talk about this.

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