Book Reviews: Big Daddy Dumas 120 Years Late

We’ve been getting a lot of investigative hits from the new crop of Viable Paradise workshoppers. Welcome, VP XIV. Break a leg!

And no, there is no documented account of Thursday night. Wonder and hope. Wonder and hope.


I mentioned that I read a lot on the Readercon trip. Hey, what are you looking at? I DID write too, you know!

You might have noticed that I had Alexander “Big Daddy” Dumas’ book The Last Chevalier up as what I was reading for a while. It was a long book with a huge prologue.

The background: In 2007, Dumas’ Napoleon novel was discovered after a scholar pulled together some hints about a missing Dumas’ serial. It plugged in the hole of Dumas’ romantic history of France quite tidily. The manuscript was sought out, pulled together and released in France very quickly after. In the US, we received the translation in 2009.

So, how was it?

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