A couple of days without writing

Took a day off Monday. Seemed like by the time I finished work and exercise, the umph wasn’t there. Today, I teach all day, so this one will be a no go as well.

I will have a great deal of time to write tomorrow, as Bryon has parent teacher conferences, and I will write. I have been making good progress on the Amanda scenes, and I’ll get that Errol advice scene down. Then I will return to chapter 4. If I could get all the way through chapter 4’s outline tomorrow, that would make me feel as though I had returned to where I wanted to be.


Saturday and Sunday

Spent yesterday and will spend today working on outtake scenes from previous incarnation of story for fans of that version. It’s a lot of Amanda stuff. I wouldn’t mind getting to an Errol scene that’s on tap too, but we’ll see.

The Amanda stuff was pretty adrenaline laden when I first conceived of it, and now my brain is with my original material, so it’s not coming off as well as it would have. Moral of the story? Perhaps it IS a good idea to write these things down when you are first inspired to write them, sometimes, rather than holding them out as writing carrots.

Well, gotta get back to it. See you all tomorrow.


Editing Complete

Have integrated all the changes from the past three months into Substance of Shadows the first two chapters, and into Gossamer and Viridian the first three chapters.

Now we wait on some feedback to chapter 3 of SoS. I have an outtake to write, and then we move on to plotting chapter 4.


Chapter 3 Done!

Chapter 3 of Substance of Shadows is done, and will be posted at the fiction workshop tomorrow. I think I’ll post the Shari Pitch meets Errol Klarion scene for folks as well.

Tomorrow I will spend making suggested changes to chapters 1 and 2 of Substance of Shadows and fixing up a few suggestions for Gossamer and Viridian, so don’t expect any glowing news here. Just glowing scenes. 😛


References on writers and agents

Lisa pointed out that Neil Gaiman had a huge article in his blog today on writers and agenting, and that he sited Teresa Nielsen Hadyn’s advice. I wanted to copy all that information in here for myself so, when the time is right, I can read up on this.

I so wanted to be able to handle all this writer stuff off to someone else, so I could just write. Feh.

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Chapter 3 progresses

Revised the scene that introduces Welkins; began the Hamwich scene.

Will post all of this, revised, tomorrow.

I knew I would miss huge tracks of time! Only wrote for about an hour today. Tuesdays I probably won’t get to write, since I teach all day and all night, so expect me to do a little double teaming on the weekends I can.

I also have some revisions to integrate into chapters 1 and 2, thanks to Julie. Bless you, Julie!


That’s More Like It

The joy of telling a story sometimes is really what you need. As I’ve begun to write chapter 3, it’s coming together. Changes you should know:

Suki Chai = Moira Stevens
Circe Gelasia = Sara Wolf

Amanda, Moira, and Sara meet Errol and Stephanus in chapter 3. The inference is that Errol knows Amanda from having frequented her mother’s pet shop.

The whole Hamwich family gets special status. Melisande is from Hathersage and married into the Klarion family against her parents wishes, but she did have the support of her good friend, who later married a Hamwich. So, Milo’s whole family is well aware of the whole Binder/Magic thing. I get to use Milo’s whole passle of brothers and Roland Booth too.

The next scene I write is the scene at the Hamwich house in Hathersage, and I’m now excited to do it. My confidence is back up. Nothing like telling a story to help that out!