Getting in Shape: End of Week 27

What, you say, happened to week 26? I blame work. That’s all I can do.

Here’s the report.

Beginning Wii Weight: 223.8 (My heaviest ever after this summer.)
Wii Weight on 4-30-14: 204.1 (a gain of 1.5)
Total: 19.7 pounds LOST

Weight Watchers on Initial Weigh In: 224
Weight Watchers on 4-30-14: 207.6 (I didn’t weigh in. I wanted a night eating at home.)
Total: 16.4 pounds

What do you have to say for yourself? First of all, I’ve been getting all drama llama over the amount of work I have to do. I have not been happy, been stressing, and not taking care of myself. All this, not just the overeating makes me gain weight. Yesterday, I was about another pound heavier.

What’s your plan? Stop being a drama llama. The end of my 4 week crazy work month is in sight. And, even if it wasn’t, I still need to get some perspective. I’m not worried about my weight as much as I am concerned about my happiness. Happiness=weight loss on planet Catherine. And Catherine has been forgetting to laugh, be delighted, carve out time for herself, and stuff like that.

Hey, don’t look at me like that. I get all my writing time back. And did you expect me not to relapse on the road to recovery? Really? Because what kind of unrealistic expectation is that shit? 🙂

So, I’m back to making happiness number one. That might mean a little more food right now, not as the only way to be happy, or a substitute for other rewards, but I’m focusing on happy, whatever it takes. And relaxation. And delight. And perspective.

Fitness: The Wii Fit meter continues to be good for me. Even on days that I don’t make the calorie count it has set for me, it makes me more likely to make the attempt.


Okay. Two more interviews this week, one more next week. Then get the student rankings and make the decision on the new teacher. All the orientations and registration sessions are over. Just residuals. One more teacher evaluation meeting. A couple of batches of tests. Some projects. Finals. Finishing the last fourth of the novella (again) and proofing it. Taking the cat back to the vet for the cyst, round two. (no more seizures. Just cyst refills).

What I’m trying to say is that we are on the downward slope, and I have embraced not stressing. But if I were to list all the things I have done these last three weeks, I might insufferably preen, so it’s maybe better to look through this end of the telescope. Work will always be there, so I choose to be okay with that, and suffer less.


Will I ever return to blogging on a regular basis? Will I ever get back to my novel? And what about the Paradise Icon website, or research for Wiscon?

Yeah, what about them? 😛 All things in their time.

Author: Catherine Schaff-Stump

Catherine Schaff-Stump writes fiction for children and young adults. Her most recent book, The Vessel of Ra, is the first book in the Klaereon Scroll series. She is currently working on its sequel, as well as penning the middle grade adventures of Abigail Rath, monster hunter.

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