VP Profile #19: Leah Miller

Here’s another case where I haven’t received a response from a previous VP XIII’er about an interview. Leah is pretty active on a variety of social networks, and I’ve used a lot of them to try to reach her, but I haven’t been successful.

As with the previous unreachable VP’er, this space will hold for Leah, just in case she is told about this by another contact, and we can substitute an interview in.

Meanwhile, sharing what I know about Leah. Leah looks younger than she actually is. Her VP story was a very funny sort of Hitchhiker’s Guide meets a vampire LARP thing, and I loved it. I hope to see it in print some day. Leah’s day job is working in game design, and she is a very active fan of a variety of geeky things.

Here are some links.

beeandcat on Twitter
Cultural Geek on Twitter
Cultural Geek Girl: Leah’s blog

We’re getting down there on the interviews!


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