Triumphant Return of Herc-o-meter

Some information about the arm. There still remain some inconveniences, but we’ll take them.

1. No pin. No surgery. Everything is staying nicely in place.
2. No cast.
3. The splint stays on for 2 weeks. Then I just have to stay in a sling and work on more mobility and rotation.
4. New x-rays next Friday to see how we’re doing.
5. Cleared to type by doctor, but must make sure that arm is good and stable when I do it.
6. Irony! Only back two fingers really reach key board due to cast. 🙂 So will still look into recognition software. Meanwhile, we are making a slow return to the first draft of Hulk Hercules. If I type 1130 words per day for the rest of September, I can still make my goal.


Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
28,065 / 55,000

Trivia: Can you tell me why Hercules had to undertake his labors in the first place? What was the tragedy in his life that led to his penance? (Hint: It wasn’t breaking his arm…)

Work Force Development

Tomorrow no Tamago. Doctor time. Be sure we’ll ask about typing. And yes, Sonya, I will follow doctor’s orders, regardless of good news or bad.

Monday I’ll visit work force development for a demo of Dragon Naturally Speaking and some left handed typing training. It’s handy that Kirkwood has a rehabilitation department for folks who have acquired handicaps. Yup, me for a bit. So, if you have to back your lawnmower off a drop, you should fly away from the mower, not have it land on you, and work at a place with occupational rehab.

See you with more info weekendish. Thanks for all of you who helped with info about Dragon and your experiences.


Around the Internet 2

Arm is indeed broken. Tomorrow we’re off to the bone doc to talk pins and casts. Guess we’ll really see if I can write a novel with an arm tied behind my back. Jury is still out for software. The college moves slowly. I seem to be able to use my right hand, sling off, propped on a table, but I will consult with surgeon about whether it is safe and prudent to do so. Another friend suggested hiring staff. Hmmm…

Meanwhile, here are a couple of links for you.

First, Julie Rose posts a soundtrack for Susan Higginbotham.

Next, David Bridger hosts an interview with Suzanne McCleod about critiquing.

The new drugs are better for pain. My arm still hurts, but I care less. 😛 Sleepy, though.


Good, Good News

We’ve been here in this journal before. I’ve been asked for a rewrite of The Substance of Shadows by an agent. This time, though, it feels very differernt.

First of all, this agent was complimentary about the story. He read the partial throgh completely, not wanting to stop. He complimented the prologue, and the way the alternate povs shift seamlessly. He likes that the book has more plot than just boys fighting demons. You know how agents often say they didn’t love it enough? That’s not the sense I get here.

The agent sent 4 pages of notes, essentially an edit letter, filled with excellent suggestions. He wants more of the “rich interior life” of the characters. Mark, he wants more Milo! Thought you’d be pleased. Milo is a contrast to ivory tower Stephan and Errol. Lots of good suggestions about characters, family, everything. I’m very jazzed to do this rewrite.

What’s the difference between this rewrite and the last? This agent gets my book and my style. He’s encouraging me to put back in a lot of the things that I took out for the other rewrite. The previous agent wanted simplification and action. This agent wants layers and richness. Small wonder. One of his favorite books is Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell.

So, very excited here. Hulk Hercules continues to come first, because it has a deadline, but this now comes after. My short story plans are postponed indefinitely. I want to make Substance as Dickensian as I can.

Meanwhile, I’m off to my GP today to talk seriously about elbows. The help desk has sent me information about a voice activated software that may already exist on my windows machine. In spite of bone pain, optimism rules the day.


Around the Internet

There won’t be an installment of Blood is Thicker Than Water for a bit, given my right arm blues. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t check out Catrina’s new art work there. Click this link!

Next, I’ll be seeing my usual doc tomorrow. Many of my friends suggested why wait? Dr. Banks is inclined to agree, I guess.

Finally, what can you tell me about voice recognition software? I not only have Hercules that needs writing, but also curriculum that really shouldn’t wait, so I’d best take steps. Information for both macs and pcs welcome, because I’ll be using both kinds of computers for both kinds of projects.


lower case blues

I probably have broken my elbow. X-rays can’t tell for sure, so I have to get with my regular doctor in 7-10 days and shoot some film again.

This may well be every writer,s nightmare–disabled while racing toward a deadline. Sonya’s already in the know. My plan is to persevere as much as I can. The codeine might be more troublesome than hunting and pecking though. I have a ten day release from work, but I’ll try to get there as much as I can. They do kind of need me there.

If my theory becomes that medical trial gets me writing career gains, well I’m due for the next step. If my elbow is broken, and they put me in a cast for six weeks, I expect a multi-book deal.

Poor Bryon. He gets to do everything.

It goes without saying I’ll be reading more than commenting.