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A few nice links for you.

First of all, Julie Rose has her newest interview with Jason Erik Lundberg at Writers and Their Soundtracks.

Secondly, Jay Lake links to MH Bonham again, this time on about finding time to write.

Finally, the return of Blood Is Thicker than Water. I cobbled my way through the last pages of chapter 2 (ow!). Chapter 3 is already entered, so for the next several weeks, it’ll be a matter of cutting and pasting while the arm heals.


Herc-o-meter: Centaur Correction

Right now, we’re at

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
37,414 / 55,000

If all goes well, the first draft will be finished Wednesday.


Retraction: Chiron is not the bad centaur we’re looking for. He does get wounded because of Hercules, and he trades his immortality so he doesn’t suffer from the arrow tipped with hydra’s blood. Now, what’s the real name of the villainous centaur who causes Hercules to suffer and eventually die?

By the way, kudos to Mochi Monkey for catching my mistake.

Herc-o-meter: The Hesperides

The end of the first draft is in sight, which means that the first draft may well not be the 55K I envisioned. There’s a lot to add in and sharpen so we’ll see what the word count is finally. I expect there will be some whacking also. Right now we’re looking at a usual first draft. Ain’t no one seein’ this baby until we make it fit for human consumption. But it’s coming along. There’s been some draft magic. For example, Nonna stopped being Bryon’s grandma and turned into my junior high librarian. Bianca is a much more likeable character than I envisioned. And I still think Duane Johnson is my best choice for Leo.

Paul, you’ll be interested to know that an incarnation of Georgie Porgie’s, complete with car show, seems to have worked its way into the book as well.

Word count!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
36,184 / 55,000

That’s from yesterday, so I still have to get on today’s.


Trivia. The bad centaur is Chiron. Does anyone know what other thing Chiron does that is important in the Hercules myth?

I’ll try to post a snippet next time, if anything snippet worthy presents itself. I have to say it’s both good and bad to have the splint off. Good for typing. Bad for, well, anything that involves bending your elbow or rotating your arm. Overall, I think an improvement.

Gotta write.


Herc-o-meter and the Medically Oriented Day

First, two days of work make the Herc-o-meter grow substantially!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
35,019 / 55,000

Trivia: The answer to yesterday’s trivia. Hercules’ centaur friend is Pholus. He visited Pholus before he went out to kill the Erymanthian Boar. During this visit, Hercules made a centaur enemy. Do you know his name?


I’m at the hospital, so I don’t want to capitalize this computer. I came over for x-rays, and now I’m waiting for a friend’s lumpectomy/biopsy. My news is good: I get to take my splint off on Sunday. Then I get to wear the sling more often, and work on my mobility. No driving for another three weeks, though.

We’ll see how Michelle does after her operation.

See you guys with more words, and an outcome tomorrow.


Differing Composing Processes and Herc-o-meter

I just spent the last three hours working on the book. Dictating a book is very different than writing. Lots more mistakes made, and I let it get away with more mistakes. It’s tiring. I didn’t get as much done has I’d hoped, but I did get yesterday’s word count, and about half of today’s. What remains to be seen is if I get tougher, while I’m doing it.

The last thing I want to do right now is be witty, so I’ll just give you the word count.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
32,076 / 55,000

All right, a little trivia. What is the name of Hercules’ centaur buddy?


Technology Test

Good morning, everyone.

This is me using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It’s wonderful. My arm doesn’t hurt at all! It’s also very easy to use.

I think it’s going to speed up my writing time. A lot. Sure, I have to get used to making mistakes and correcting them, but since I have a friendly, Midwestern accent, I tend to speak clearly. Dragon NaturallySpeaking is also making me more careful about how I speak.

I suppose I will also become a better proofreader, because I’m using this program. Tomorrow I will be home writing all day. I will use Dragon NaturallySpeaking to move forward on the book. It’s not a perfect solution. I don’t think I can get angsty and dramatic and act out scenes, but if I think about the scenes. I can say them in a measured way that captures their content well.

Hmmm… I wonder how Dragon NaturallySpeaking will spell an exploding sound. My first experiments, show me not too well.

I’m done showing off. See you later with the Herc-o-meter.


Dragon Naturally Speaking

DNS is cool. Seriously cool. I spent an hour today in occupational rehabilitation doing the tutorial of the software, and it looks like it will help, not just on the novel, but also with writing the curriculum and getting things around for work.

Jayne, my rehab coach, has already put in an order to get the software on my machine stat. Soon I’ll have people wondering who I’m talking to in my little office. Alas, no more music during work time. 😛

I’ll be back later today with some kind of word count. Hope your stories are flowing, and your elbows are whole.


ETA: It’s on the work computer. I’ll get it set up by Weds for sure.

Herc-o-meter: Wrestling Hippolyta

Things are taking a decidedly supernatural turn in HH:PW.

Word Count:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
29,238 / 55,000

Yesterday’s trivia one more day: Why did Hercules have to undertake the 10 (12) labors? What did he do that caused him to need to do penance?

Herculean Wisdom:

“And what you show me after all those years is yet again that you cannot be trusted to treat a woman with respect, when she is easily, worthily your equal.”

Leo put his hood down. “You wouldn’t want me to yield to you without a match, would you?”

“That is not our way. Will you steal from me again?”

“I swear that that was for Eurystheus, and it was never my idea.”

“A man is no better than the ideas he carries out, regardless of who he carries them out for,” said Polly.

Remember, a man is no better than his actions.