Chapter 3 progresses

Revised the scene that introduces Welkins; began the Hamwich scene.

Will post all of this, revised, tomorrow.

I knew I would miss huge tracks of time! Only wrote for about an hour today. Tuesdays I probably won’t get to write, since I teach all day and all night, so expect me to do a little double teaming on the weekends I can.

I also have some revisions to integrate into chapters 1 and 2, thanks to Julie. Bless you, Julie!


That’s More Like It

The joy of telling a story sometimes is really what you need. As I’ve begun to write chapter 3, it’s coming together. Changes you should know:

Suki Chai = Moira Stevens
Circe Gelasia = Sara Wolf

Amanda, Moira, and Sara meet Errol and Stephanus in chapter 3. The inference is that Errol knows Amanda from having frequented her mother’s pet shop.

The whole Hamwich family gets special status. Melisande is from Hathersage and married into the Klarion family against her parents wishes, but she did have the support of her good friend, who later married a Hamwich. So, Milo’s whole family is well aware of the whole Binder/Magic thing. I get to use Milo’s whole passle of brothers and Roland Booth too.

The next scene I write is the scene at the Hamwich house in Hathersage, and I’m now excited to do it. My confidence is back up. Nothing like telling a story to help that out!


Outline done of chapter 3

Chapter 3 is now outlined, and I’m ready to start drafting.

I have to admit to some pain and lack of confidence, as I have to get rid of stuff I like, but stuff that clearly will not work, to pull up things that are a great unknown in the interest of making the story viable in an original setting.

The best cure for this is rewriting and shaping, but it does undermine one’s confidence in the piece.

Well, sucking it up, then, we march forward.



I was going to put outtakes here today, but I’ve discovered that converting everything to simplified text, and then editing it takes more time than I’ve got.

So, going to check with my tech guru and see if there’s an easier way to skin a cat. I will be working on chapter 3, starting this evening, and I’ll see what I can learn about getting scenes in here.

Stay tuned, and thanks for your forbearance.


Surprisingly, Revision

Boys and Girls:

I started reading SoS chapter 1 today, to get the flow of the thing for the next scene, and discovered a boat load of mistakes. Turns out I’d saved the wrong version of the beasty. Well, this put me in a revising mood, and I tidied up chapters 1 and 2. I decided to leave chapter 2 at a mere 19 pages for now. That’s where we stop talking about the curse, and the scene I was trying to add on was more suited for the next chapter. We’ll see what happens in the rewrite.

So I have some notes for chapter 3, I wrote an Amanda scene from outtake land, and I’m writing a fight scene from outtake land. That was about 3 hours of work. I’m pooped now, and off to town to buy groceries.

See you tomorrow.


Snow Day Progress

Apologies! Things look really whacky here tonight. I’ll be looking into that.

Well, today’s seven pages introduced Carlo Borgia and Elaine Klarion to Stephanus. There’s a lot of good personal stuff, and some necessary exposition. I’m a little concerned about pacing, but I’m hoping for some strong workshop help. My gut says after so much child violence in the first chapter, a more subtle and delicate second chapter is the way to go, but I don’t want anyone to be bored.

In a revision or two, I’ll post a snippet.


Workshop Posting

So far, today has been a distribution day. Send out the completed outline to interested parties. Add scenes in that you’ve written earlier. Post scenes and revised chapters at workshops.

Class has been cancelled tonight, however, so I should have some time to watch more M*A*S*H write some chapter 2 scenes for Substance, and write one more outtake scene.

Now, lessee if this works as a feed into my lj.