Oslo: Museums, Museums, Museums!

In Oslo, there were many museums. There are a freaky amount of museums, and there’s just NO WAY you could visit them all. During our time there, we visited

the Norwegian Folk Museum, which is a great place to see rustic Norwegian buildings and folk craft. Fun facts: Norwegians use sod roofs on some of their old buildings, and the grass keeps right on growing on the roof; when in doubt, rosemale it, and Norwegian barns are thinner on the first floor than they are on the second floor.

the Viking Ship Museum, which is, as you might expect, full of Viking Ships. Catrina asked the question, Why would the Vikings leave Norway, especially after we saw the beautiful fjords? And the answer is because the food is so darned expensive!

the Norwegian National Gallery, where there were some amazing pictures in a variety of styles. Alas, the pickpocketing problem has gotten out of hand. No, we weren’t sticky fingered, but we were warned. Here you can see The Scream , and a wide variety of gorgeous landscapes. Also, some art of the fantastic.

Akershus Fortress. Rick Steve’s said to not visit. What the hell does he know? It was GREAT! The free English travel commentary added a lot, as did the ghost story track.

Now, did we like Oslo? Well, to be honest, we found Oslo to be a bit spread out. I mentioned that the Oslo pass was a good buy. It’s a necessity if you want to get around Oslo for anything like a reasonable price. Food was the most expensive we encountered during our trip. One save grace was that we found our way to the grocery store, and we got to experiment in cold cuts and cheese to help with our traveling lunch and breakfast.

Food questions for travelers–can anyone tell me what’s up with the ubiquitous pink donuts in Scandinavia? How’s about the convenience store spaghetti cups?

At this point, we journeyed to the fjords, and I’ve written a heartfelt entry about that. I will weigh in on Bergen next, and then I will try to start getting some photos posted. Catrina has some amazing mountain photos that are to die for, so I’m looking forward to sharing her skills with you.


Curcurbital 2

I did mention that I’d be coming out in a collection of stories from Paper Golem Press, Cucurbital 2.

First of all, I have to compliment Dr. Lawrence Schoen, the publisher of Paper Golem. I have never been through an editing process that was so fast and thorough. Just when I thought I’d figured out that publishing is all about waiting! Anyway, the fast turn around is much appreciated. I’ve already done the line edits, proofed the galleys, and my part is done.

Would you like to see the cover? Do you remember that the three prompts for the story were turtle, watermelon, and sex worker? The cover manages to capture two. Yes, the two safest, for PG’s sake!

I think it’s really cute.

When can you buy the book? The book will probably go up for pre-order after Renovation (so that would be after August 21st). Official release will be first week in November. Lawrence says that there will most likely be a release party at Capclave

So, there will be links and things like that forthcoming. I really went through all this writing so I could share the cover.


Signal Interrupted

My summer cold has evolved into double conjunctivitis. Some of us have all the luck!

I’m using drops and resting my eyes. I hope to get back to writing and an on-line life soon.

The convention was good, although with a cold as heavy as the one I had, I spent most of my time trying to avoid people so I wouldn’t share. The conjunctivitis developed on Saturday night and lead to an early departure Sunday.

Luckily, I was able to get my voice in shape for my reading Friday, which was about the last reliable half an hour I had with it.

Anyway, number one goal this week is to get better so I can go to North American Discworld on Friday. I hope that my eyes have improved enough that I can be writing again tomorrow. I’m an hour down as of today.

I look less like someone’s punched me now, so we’re coming along. God bless modern meds.

See you guys soon.