Shiny Virtue

I used my free hour tonight to write on the troll book. I revised two scenes. As Elizabeth Bear might say, I am full of virtue.

What that doesn’t mean is much of any substance here. I’m hoping for better come tomorrow, as in Norwegian dancing photos. Being virtuous, however, means I need to lay some new pipe on some scenes first.

Um…tossed Empress Dark back out there today. Working a little on revising Mark Twain’s Daughter before I send it back. I’d like that one to see the light of day. Expecting news on Point River shortly.

Okay. A couple more things, then some relaxing.


Chapter Five

A little writing today, but mostly putting together the chapter 5 puzzle.

This book is very much explore, write, organize, revise. Lather, rinse, repeat.

I hope this means when I get to the end, that we will have something fairly whole.

And believe me, I’ve been writing a lot of crap. Oh yeah. But the book doesn’t seem to want me to get a whole draft down first. The analogy I had been using was beach combing. Now I think it’s making a card house. I can’t get the rest of the cards to stay on top without a good foundation.

Meanwhile, no shame in my Weird Tales rejection. I think I’m going to ask a few more eyes to take a look at Mark Twain’s Daughter before sending it back out again. If any of you are interested, let me know. I’ve got one great reader lined up, but more are good. Bonus? It’s a short.


Luther College World Tour

Before I forget to mention it, you might remember that I went to Viable Paradise last year, and it changed my writerly life. Well, applications for VP XIV are open as of yesterday. Do you want to know more? Sure you do!


You might remember that Bryon and I went and checked out Nordic Fest in Decorah during the summer for research for the Troll story. Some of the frost elf action takes place at Luther College, so we made arrangements to stay on the campus.

By that time, I had been accepted to Viable Paradise, and so had fellow Iowan Matt Hughes, who is a librarian at Luther. Matt agreed to give us a tour around campus, so on a rainy day, we wandered about and learned a little bit about the setting of the story.

Let me post a couple of picturesque photos here, again to remind myself in January that Iowa *can* look like this!

Here are the rest of the photos, mostly for my edification.


Next up: Nordic Fest Dancing photos.


Jim Hines Guest Photos

Writing came first today, so I fiddled a bit with a couple of versions of the troll and police scene from the Troll story.


We’ve gotten my computer talking to Bryon’s computer, so I wanted to post some pictures in my gallery of Jim Hines doing his Icon guest thing that are long overdue. Here’s that link.


Also, while I was in transit to Florida, I finished The Mermaid’s Madness. Well done, Mr. Hines! My trouble with the first book in the Princess series was a problem many first books have. There was so much pipe to be laid about the main characters and the kind of adventures they had that the secondary characters seemed flat, and the book seemed shallow. I was disappointed in the male characters, because it seemed that they had become secondary to the woman characters, and while I agree that often the reverse happens, it is still a problem in either case. I like feeling that all the characters are there.

This is more than remedied in Mermaid. Characters of both genders are present and dimensional. The women characters exist not only to prove how tough and cool they are, but they exist also to solve a story. The men are very involved, even if they are not the movers and shakers. They have gone from being the token permission givers they seemed to be in the first book, and moved on to being a decent support cast.

I was happy with it, and I’m looking forward to Red Hood’s Revenge, the next installment.

Next, I have a few Decorah pictures to upload for troll book research from the summer.

The rest of your life begins today. I leave you with some Iowa autumn splendor, mostly because Jim and I are in the picture, but partly because it’s damned cold here today, and this reminds me what it *can* look like.