Ballad Animated Story Board

Watch me enter Maggie Stiefvater’s Ballad contest, because I REALLY, REALLY want to read about hot, rebuffed bagpipers from Lament.

(No, really, it *is* okay for me to say that about a fictional character. James is a unique character. I like him a lot, and I think he was shafted in Lament. There it is.)

Anywhoo, to enter the contest, I must share this with you, so I bring you the Tamago version of the Ballad trailer (which Maggie made, but I’m showing here.)

Another Link

Still embroiled in hot semester starting action! Today’s interesting thing:

When I logged into the language lab computers, no English program for my students. The IT department had installed 30 copies onto the computers of a whole different lab.

These trials make us stronger, and help us to appreciate that we are not the only human beings that make mistakes.


So, I leave you with someone else’s thoughts yet again.

Write Another Book at SF Novelists.


We Three Links of Orient Are…

Yesterday I had food poisoning. The easy on you kind, that makes you dreadfully ill for 24 hours, and then allows you to go back to work pretty much normal the next day. Good. I have a writer’s group to see tonight, and a convention to help with this weekend.

Since school starts on the 24th, and I have a few more tasks to get done, and being gone a day wasn’t exactly conducive to that, what you get today is what you get every entry when I cheat:

(wait for it!)


First, here’s Catherine Lundhoff’s entry on how to do a good reading.

Next, Drollerie Press is soliciting for some new anthologies you might be interested in writing for.

Finally, although this is not writerly, Lisa Cohen cohesively posts talking points about Health Care Reform from the White House. My friend Diana, who is in Health Care, says she personally is looking forward to serving on the Death Squads, and playing Mengele, but I’m pretty sure she’s pulling my leg, and these talking points back me up.

Have great weekends, and I’ll try, honest to God, to do a Mahabharata thing next week.

It’s a rough time of year to be a teacher!


Guest Blogging at Who Said Pixies are Rational Creatures?

Rachael de Vienne, author of Pixie Warrior , is kind enough to host me at her blog, Who Said Pixies are Rational Creatures?

Since The Love Song of Oliver Toddle is a story about a gnome who works in a garage, I thought an excerpt of it would be at home among the pixies. Please feel free to visit both Rachael and Oliver.


Query Tracker and Duotrope Digest Handouts

I’m getting ready for the Noble Pen Writers Group on Thursday. I’ve worked up a couple of resource pages on Query Tracker and Duotrope Digest which I have placed over in pages, and you all have full permission to rip off any time for your own visit with writing group occasions.

Query Tracker Page

Duotrope Digest Page


Swill 4

One of my fellow Viable Paradisers, Sean Craven talked about the magazine he edits with Rob Pierce, Swill. At first, Sean didn’t mention the magazine by its name. I told Sean I would be happy to review his magazine over here at the Tamago. Then there was this email, telling me that Swill was on its way. I thought Sean was self-effacing.

The mission of Swill in part, according to its website, is that the editors wanted more entertaining stories on the literary scene. The magazine is called Ill Literate. Also, the site says the editors prefer literature, but not Literature. I have some bad news for the editors. The stories are entertaining. Some of them are also flitting dangerously close to the Literature border.

On the whole, Swill 4 is a pretty good read. All seven stories explore the seamy and unsavory, the horrible and the frightening. Humanity’s less redeemable traits are put on display for the reader, in stories that deteriorate into psychological nightmares.

Continue reading “Swill 4”

Bamboo Shoots

Today seems to be a good day to be tortured by needy students. Honestly, I had the most academically dishonest, ruthless student come through my office today, and she merited about an hour of reports to the test center, dean, and dean of students today.

Because we like nothing better than dealing with immoral students and a time sink. 🙂

That said, I’m behind on everything today, and I should be working on other things, but I’m going to take a moment and just decompress. Gots to. I’m feeling chewed on a bit.


So, here are some positives from around the Internet.

Waaayyy back when I started getting serious in 2007, Jeaniene Frost released her first Night Huntress Book.
Here’s her post today.

Remember this post about Maggie Stiefvater and Lament? Well, here’s her post today about her new book Shiver and how well it’s doing.

At best, I am an internet acquaintance with both of these writers, but I post their current entries here to make a point. When I first started following these women, they were like the rest of us, waiting to see how they would do out there. And look at them! I’ll add Ilona Andrews to this list as well, based on her successful sales.

Guys, this could be you.

I read all your journals, and I see what you’re working on, and if you have keep at it, and you have faith, and you keep sending, you just never know. Right now, you should hear about some of the projects I’m hearing about. I’m excited to watch your work come to fruition.


That made me feel better. Pooh on you, evil and onerous student!

Tonight, once I’m done at the salt mines, I’m going home to write The Love Song of Oliver Toddle. This short story came to me cut of whole cloth while I was waking up on Thursday morning, and I think I can have it finished and off to a magazine soon.

Then, I’ll write a short story about werewolves and veterinarians that’s been on my mind since Wiscon.

All this to give the subconscious time to solidify the map I have to the end of the troll story now, so the next rewrite will be more solid. I want to be done with all this by Halloween. I mean it!

I love writing and writers, and I like seeing people happy in their work. I love good books most of all. I wish you luck, writing your good books.