Author Updatery

Over the course of the last couple of days, running errands and all that, a couple of authorly things have resolved. Honestly, with very little effort from me.

I will apply to Odyssey AND Viable Paradise. I’ve talked to Bryon about both. As soon as school is up and running, I’ll chat with Allison about the possibility of six weeks off, if Odyssey should accept me, and professional development funding for either. I honestly think work will want me to swing toward Viable Paradise, but you never know, as no one’s offered me an extended contract just yet.

Thanks to all of you who have been kind enough to offer advice and answer my many questions about this process. I really appreciate it!

Key to applying to workshops is the Fulbright mentality. With that in mind, I’m still planning on Convergence as a summer antic. If I am accepted to either, we’ll adjust our plans.

As to the other recent authorly concern, the Wiscon reading group is also formed. My partners in crime will be Ellise Heiskell (avid costumer and beginning writer), Catherine Cheek (Clarion workshop alum, visual artist, and broadly talented person), and Gregory Frost (member of the University of Iowa community of the fantastic, scholar, itinerant gentleman, and author of some of the most mythic work I’ve read in recent years. ) And yours truly.

What I like about this group is that it pretty much represents Wiscon in microcosm. Wiscon has always struck me as a con which attracts people talented on multiple levels, with multiple interests. It also is the kind of place where a beginning writer like Ellise could read with a gifted and talented author like Gregory. The hierarchy is flattened. Long live the revolution!


I should do something creative today. It’s been more of a slug vacation than I would have liked, so I will finish the whole internet thing, and do some writing, and then…probably it’s a day of sewing. Work begins anew Monday. Maybe some structure will help.


Wiscon Think Ahead

I think I will be a Wiscon orphan this year. I will sign up for readings in February, but I wonder if anyone would be interested in having me in their group, or on working on a group with me?

What could I bring? Well, I can read part of Hulk Hercules: Professional Wrestler if I were part of a children’s group. With Sonya’s approval, I would expect.

Or, if I were part of a faerie or urban fantasy group, Gossamer and Veridian or Substance of Shadows (especially if an agent picked that up!).

If historical were a group formed, I’d have Mark Twain’s Daughter, or I’d maybe even read part of The Empty Horizon, which is my retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo from Mercedes’ and Haydee’s viewpoints.

I even have a couple of humorous things I could read. And some of this is arty and serious, so it would work for those kinds of sessions as well.

Other than that, I got nothin’. 😀

Seriously, though, would anyone be interested in adopting an orphan who doesn’t eat much, and could be convinced to bring her share of personality? I’m a fairly good reader. Ask those who have read with me for credentials. Even though Mary Poppins says the best people no longer ask for them. *sniff*


Workshop Decisions

I’ve spent some time researching and thinking about workshops. While there’s always more I could learn, I’ve taken short story workshops frequently in college, and that’s not my genre, so I’ve ruled out Clarion.

There are about 3 I’ve found that interest me as a novelist. Here are the links.

CSSF SF Novel Writers Workshop: Two weeks writing in Laurence, KS during the summer.

Viable Paradise: One week in October on Martha’s Vineyard focusing on a variety of topics.

Odyssey: Six weeks in New Hampshire studying the craft, with a focus on novels available.

My personal restraints:

1. The college probably wants me around on and off during the summer.
2. There’s a two-week workshop on mythology that I’ve already committed to.
3. I would like to use my professional development to pay for it.
4. As well as working on my craft, I would like to learn more about the industry.

Frankly, Odyssey would be great, but I doubt that the college would be happy with me disappearing for six weeks and I have that work shop. It doesn’t seem to be the summer for it.

CSSF would give me two weeks of writing, but wouldn’t teach me the other pieces.

This year, I will apply for Viable Paradise, unless my circumstances suddenly change. Perhaps during a future year, I will apply for Odyssey.

At this point, then, I need to decide what 8000 words to send them. I’ll see what develops, as their deadline for application is June 30, 2009, and I believe two short stories would be my best bet. Mark Twain’s Daughter, perhaps, and something else.