Reading Group Discusses Dead Zone

Tonight: The Dead Zone

Cast: Michele, Michelle, Tracy, Mark, and Cath

Some thoughts:

When you read it now, it doesn’t feel dated. It felt pertinent. The book feels real, especially politically. The themes can be transferred to any time.

King seems to really focus on character and relationship in this book. King is also an author who focuses on a great many different genres.

King does human nature best. His best work focuses on people. Those books don’t require too far a stretch beyond the reality of what already is, which might be horrifying. Small steps eventually take the reader out there, and then you’re out there.

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Friends of the Animal Center Foundation Chapbook

If any of you would like a copy of Yellow Cat and the Man, please let me know and I will order you a copy of Friends of the Animal Center Foundation chapbook. I know this post will apply more to locals, to closer friends, and to those who personally remember Toby, but if you are an animal lover, and you’re reading this post in Botswana, I’d be happy to get a copy to you as well.

How much will these chapbooks cost? That depends on how many I order. Michael of FACF gives me the following scale:

1-2 copies are $7 each
3-5 copies are $6 each
6+ copies are $5.50 each

The more of you who order, the better deal we all get. Well, except me. But the rest of you, you’re all in this together!

If you’re ordering from far away, I might ask you to cover postage as well.

At any rate, let me know, and when I get back from some mysterious island in the Pacific, I’ll start collecting monies and addresses, and taking action. I can actually say it’s for a good cause.

Tomorrow night–the LAST of the Substance agent queries! I should probably throw a party. Wait…it’s my birthday too. What a coincidence! See you later tonight for book group.


Back from Minneapolis

Driving back in bad weather on somewhat flooded country roads reminds me of 1993. Here’s hoping the Coralville Marriot doesn’t flood out!

Heard back from Abyss and Apex about The Initiation Rites and Incantations of the Junior Vampire Auxiliary. This made it to second round, but then got cut. Number two again. 😉

Recently, however, I’ve been thinking about changing Abby and Vince’s adventures into their own book series. Sort of decided that someone needs to take care of all those vamire prom dates, which just isn’t safe. It’ll be after Hulk Hercules.

Meanwhile, back to Neville ville. Thanks to Yvonne, notes through book 5 need to be acknowledged and cited. This, THIS must be what it’s like to have an assistant. It’s kind of groovy.


Dead Zone

All the Campbell information is now in the Longbottom paper. Yay! This weekend I’m off to Minneapolis, so I’m not sure how much I’ll get done while I’m up there. I’m game to work on paper a bit, but if not, it’ll wait.


Book group the second is this coming Monday, June 9th. I’d like to say that I’d be live blogging with Stephen King on hand, but I didn’t get around to asking him if he was up for it. 🙂 However, as usual, before I get the group’s opinions posted, I’m going to mention a few things about The Dead Zone.

I’ve read two of King’s other books: The Stand, which sort of stalled at the ending for me, and It which I really dug until we hit the gratuitous kid sex that really came from no where. I am pleased to report that The Dead Zone delivers what the other two books didn’t.

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Nevilling Along

Food continues to be the enemy. It’s really been the enemy since about 2004, when all the reflux stuff began. I’m thinking about cutting out the peanut butter with the English muffin. Maybe the morning cup of coffee too for something decaffeinated. Because most of the time, eating equals ouch. Not serious, mind numbing ouch. Aggravating, shit I’m annoyed ouch.

But what you want to know is that Yvonne has sent me Neville Longbottom data through the Potter series Book 3. And I found a treasure trove of old Joseph Campbell research I had done for a paper back in 02. This makes my trip to the library easier, as I’ll have to merely update, as opposed to begin from scratch.

Japanese lesson in about in an hour and a half, in which we get our grammar cranked up for approximately one week from now. Then, it’s back for an afternoon of hiding and writing, most likely for work.


Neville Paper

It begins, largely in part with thanks to Yvonne who has done some of the preliminary Potter data gathering for me from book one.

I need to figure out a day to go to the U of I Library and do some Campbelling. The question, I guess, is before or after Japan.

In other much less exciting news, I’ve started the English Language Acquisition Coordinator Manual as well. Oh boy!


Places Wiscon Has Taken Me

Here are some wonderful stops I’ve made on the Internet, thanks to the stack of cards I picked up at Wiscon.

Connie Toebe: Connie specializes in a combination of mediums. I met her at Wiscon, and had her sign my Interfictions collection, as she had designed the cover.

Kat Beyer: Remember when I raved about the exorcist family in Italy at the Sunday reading? This is she.

In By The Eye: Wow. Interesting journeys in interstitial media. Take a look at the films and at the Cobweb forest. Look like fun?

Wind Tunnel Dreams: A mythic story notebook on line.

Amazing where you can go in one day…