Yum-my Books n Junkie Other Stuff

I am pleased to say that I took Sunday for all intentional purposes off, and it made me a new woman.

In addition to hanging out with my wonderful husband, I did the following things, none of which I am ashamed.

1. We saw Machete. From the popular Grindhouse trailer, this movie about an ex-Federale is Mexploitative and Sexploitative. It was also a fire hydrant full of Cheese Whiz. Stick around for the scene with the intestines. Stay for the eye patch.

2. We saw two more episodes of The Kingdom. Okay, Lars, now you’re just getting freaky for its own sake. Gotta admire the toilet cam work.

3. We finished Throne of Jade. Bryon and I both think that Peter Jackson might want to spend a good chunk of his Temeraire movie here. He’s got an awesome villain. All he has in the first book is abstract Napoleon.

4. We began I Shall Wear Midnight. Sorry, Temeraire, but Tiffany Aching always gets priority. Really hooked, almost from the outset, we get to see what it is like to be a 16 year-old witch over a very large territory. It’s pretty dark right out of the shoot too.

5. I read several short stories from Bodies in Motion. It’s the other guest at Wiscon book I bought this year. There’s no fantasy to it, but each story is a tiny seed pearl on a giant tapestry of family, complicated and interlinked.

It was all I could do to keep myself from pigging down both 4 and 5 this weekend.

Thanks for all your kind words on Friday. Tiffany Trent was right. Sometimes you’ve just got to be fallow. It was a good move.

Have I mentioned how excited I am to get to my book, and to start reading the latest incarnation of Whore Lord Miranda’s VP manuscript?



That was a blindingly busy weekend. We had dinner with friends on Friday, moved the in-laws to a more accessible apartment and had another dinner with another friend Saturday, and saw that most cultured of films, Jonah Hex with a third friend on Sunday. The evening was polished off with a psychedelic movie about Revelations.

And…I got my line edits for Crystal Vision (the next Swill, coming out in August), and had to respond to a series of interview questions for the local paper Iowa Source about Hulk Hercules.

So, yes, I am going to spend my evening catching up for the Write-a-thon, as I need to make up some time for yesterday.

Great big and all kinds of shout-outs to Catrina, Shannon, and Brent, who have already sent lovely money. Remember guys, every bit helps a fledgling writer.

Gotta go get a shot, buy some spaghetti, and get my butt in a chair.