Iowa Source Interview

Traffic in Tamago-land slows to near crawl as author goes on vacation, and doesn’t write anything new for about a week.

So… next up, a write-up on Jim C. Hines’ book Red Hood’s Revenge, followed shortly by an interview with the author.

After that, a report on why Universal is not Disney, but how it stacks up in general.

I leave you with my interview at the Iowa Source about Hulk Hercules, written by my fellow teacher at Kirkwood, LaDawn Edward’s.

See you tomorrow. When I’m done with all the laundry and unpacking.



That was a blindingly busy weekend. We had dinner with friends on Friday, moved the in-laws to a more accessible apartment and had another dinner with another friend Saturday, and saw that most cultured of films, Jonah Hex with a third friend on Sunday. The evening was polished off with a psychedelic movie about Revelations.

And…I got my line edits for Crystal Vision (the next Swill, coming out in August), and had to respond to a series of interview questions for the local paper Iowa Source about Hulk Hercules.

So, yes, I am going to spend my evening catching up for the Write-a-thon, as I need to make up some time for yesterday.

Great big and all kinds of shout-outs to Catrina, Shannon, and Brent, who have already sent lovely money. Remember guys, every bit helps a fledgling writer.

Gotta go get a shot, buy some spaghetti, and get my butt in a chair.



Card Captor Sakura fans may recognize the magical command in the subject line.

I should have written this yesterday, because yesterday was the official release day of Hulk Hercules!

But my day job had other ideas, so it’s the post-official release day of Hulk Hercules.

You could celebrate by…either cleaning out the royal stables, or buying the book. Both, if you have that kind of fancy.