The Year of Living Authorly Post 10: The 25 Best Email Marketing Newsletter Aps

Right now I am deep in the throes of the fourth draft of The Pawn of Isis. What this basically means is it’s pretty much Pawn of Isis and the podcast and work, although I am looking into newsletters and Facebook groups, and what not. Since I am in the preliminary stages of that research, I can’t write a good post yet on that.

To start, though, here’s a post by Matthew Guay called The 25 Best Email Marketing Newsletter Aps. Looks like a great resource for aspiring email marketers (marketeers?). Most of the buzz I’ve been getting from fellow authors suggests Mail Chimp is great unless you want a drip campaign. (What? You don’t know what a drip campaign is? Okay, I don’t know much either, but I’m learning).

Anyway, go read that, and I’ll get back here with some real content…eventually…after I’ve poked at the Mail Chimp sight. I also plan to hypothesize what might be good content for a newsletter. Or I could just post some words from the new book. We’ll see how it goes.

Back to needing two of me: one to work the job, one to write the books.

The Year of Living Authorly Post 9: ARCs and Reviews

Over at the SFWA blog, I read this article: Four Strategies to Gain Early Reviews for New Releases by Intisar Khanani. I found this article to be a really strong mix of pragmatic suggestions from self-publishing, combined with practical advice about newsletters, lists, and launch groups. Go take a look. It’s really quite good.

Okay. Let’s get Midwestern for a moment. For some people (raises hand), the idea of asking people to review your book seems a little uncomfortable. I cannot help but see the truth in getting people to review your book–good, bad, or a combination of the two–as an important strategy to creating buzz and attention around that book. Does it seem presumptuous to you? It does, but here’s the thing. I wrote a book because I wanted to tell a story. Perhaps the time to have been shy was before the writing. Now, I suppose, I have this book. Did I believe in the story enough to write it? Yes. Do I believe in the story enough to want to share it? Yes.

So. Soon, I will be creating a mailing list just for ARCs and reviewers. I will be working on figuring out how to get many ARCs to a variety of people, and ways in which to encourage people who are kind enough to buy my book to review it. I am going to turn my book launch into a group event as much as one can. I will break these publicity pieces down as clearly as I can as soon as they happen. While I am on hold in generating physical support materials until my cover image is ready, this I can certainly do now.

So, look for information about book launch plans soon. I’m also going to research mailing lists and newsletters. I suppose also I should need a press kit, and I should get around to scheduling events. Right now, if you’re an author or a reviewer, and you’d like an ARC and are willing to review, let me know. Also, if you’d like to be part of The Vessel of Ra launch experience, let me know. You have no idea how silly I feel saying The Vessel of Ra launch experience. 😀