Writing Updates

This has been a pretty productive week. Last week, I felt very in control of things. I am almost done with the first 4th of Pawn of Isis. And by almost done, I mean that it’s not in the bag, but this is solid stuff that will be kept and revised and polished.

I had some terrific editorial suggestions about Cookies this week from the editors of Mosaics 2, which resulted in a really deep revision of the story, so I expect I’ll be seeing another edit on that, but it’s a much better story now. Sometimes editing can seem like a chore. This time it opened doors and windows in my brain.

I have an idea for a new short story called The Devil’s Wingman, which I will get to as soon as I finish this first 4th of Pawn.

And finally, I have an idea for a quirky SF novel. Yes, you heard it hear. I am hot to do some research on it, but I would still like to revise the troll YA. I guess the answer is to write faster.

It’s a good time to be me. I’m sure in a few months I’ll be back to my usual mopy self.

Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing Link to Jim Hines Interview

Shortly before I became an Unreliable Narrator, Brent Bowen, a friend of mine who runs Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing gave me a home to post my first podcast interview with Jim C. Hines. Who knew I’d like it so well that I’d become a podcaster?

Well, I guess I should have guessed that.

Anyway, please enjoy this interview. Jim’s in great form and talks about a wide variety of subjects. And, you should check out Adventures in Sci-Fi Publishing. They have awesome episodes, and we support our fellow podcasters and friends that way!

Happiness is a Warm Gastroscopy

Right. So…I’m going to hazard that the spouse and I are REALLY done with the whole food poisoning/after effects of food poisoning thing. I’ve said this prematurely in certain circles, and regretted it, but I really think we’ve got it this time. I’m still, however, very much not eating lettuce for the foreseeable future.

But this is the report to talk about last Monday’s gastroscopy. Since I went all over-reactive in October when we had the first one that revealed dysplasic cells, I thought you should all know that this time not a single intestinal cell was found in Bryon’s stomach. All the biopsies were benign, and the one polyp that was taken out wasn’t even of the cancerous persuasion.

In short, I hoped for a scenario where nothing had changed from October. What we go was a scenario where things actually changed so that the problem is non-existent. We are so blessed. Bryon will go back for a gastroscopy in three years, but we are basically pretending that October is a Marvel What-If comic.

The universe can be a pretty wonderful place in a pretty wonderful way sometimes. You get food poisoning, sure. But your husband isn’t even remotely near stomach cancer after all.

So, that’s my day so far. I hope yours is right up there.

Short Story Sale to Drabblecast

I would have announced this sooner, but what with two major viruses hitting the two of us because of food poisoning, Bryon’s gastroscopy, and my two visits to the emergency room (food poisoning, acid reflux fall out, both probably from the viruses), I have been pretty much just closing my eyes and wanting my life to return to normal.

But a few awesome things have been happening writing-wise. I don’t know if one will pan out, but the other is that I’m pleased to announce that Drabblecast has bought my short story One in Four Adults, the story I wrote about Bryon’s stomach cells that happened to become a werewolf story (yeah, how does that happen?).

Drabblecast is a podcast, so my story will be read by a wonderfully competent person, and I’ll let you know when it’s posted.

While I’m horn tooting, don’t forget to go order Mosaics 2: A Collection of Independent Women, which comes out May 1st. Don’t buy it for my story, which is horribly depressing. Buy it for the other stories and all the good it will do for women around the world through the Pixel Project.

Not on My Bucket List

This one was never, ever on my bucket list, but hey, someone decided it was.

The spouse and I have food poisoning. And…no details. I won’t even suggest you use your imagination. Oh no. *shudder*

But it’s been 4 days of hair raising antics, including one trip to the emergency room, missing reviewing for the students’ toughest test before midterm, and taking the hubs back to the doctor tonight because he’s regressing, not progressing.

At any rate, you too should skip this one if you can.

My goodness, I guess February is still with us in spirit!

Paradise Icon and Unreliable Narrators–the Silver Screen

Your continuing Paradise Icon public service announcement:

We’re almost full for the Paradise Icon writing workshop (our fifth one!). That’s not until October, but we still have two seats. Remember, you need to have attended a well-known writing workshop like Clarion, Taos, or Viable Paradise, OR you need to talk to me and supply me with a sample of your writing.

Your new Unreliable Narrators podcast on films.

Germs; Short Story; Novel; Travel; Podcast

Well, a few things.

Germs: Damn. Last week was more like being 50 percent sick, so we’re still not up to steam. I’m hoping for more out of this week.

Short Story: I wrote a new one to replace Cookies. Can’t tell you about it yet, because it’s in a contest, but I have revised it and started it on the rounds.

Novel: I wrote about 1500 words last week. Not bad for the snottiest novelist on the planet.

Travel: Spent all day Saturday in the car on a junket to Des Moines. I only use the phrase because a colleague used it at a faculty association meeting last week. I mean, hey, I’m so glad I got to go to a resort like Des Moines, as opposed to a dull conference in Hawaii.

Podcast: Been scheduling interviews like woah for the podcast. That’ll bear some fruit soon.

And so, keeping out of trouble. You?