Getting in Shape: End of Week 7

Hey. Today has been a comedy of errors. I slid my car off the road (go, Iowa winter!). No one or no thing was damaged. Then I had to tell my boss I was filing a grievance at work (more like a clerical error, but still, it must be done.) And then, you know how Bryon gets sick like once every 500 years? Well, today’s that day! So, tonight I’ve been working like two people. I loves me some snow scooping!

Have I mentioned that I never want to go back to being single? Because never mind the loneliness. The workload alone just sucks!

On to another topic. How did this week’s dieting go?

Better in most ways. More exercise. Less food. Still came in behind about 11 points.

How’s about those stats?

Beginning Wii Weight: 223.8 (My heaviest ever after this summer.)
Wii Weight on 12-10-13: 213.8
Total: 10 pounds LOST

Notes: My lowest was 312.3 on the weekend, which is mostly because I get up late, and that affects the weigh in. Still, with a bit of luck…I did indulge in Zoey’s pizza last week, the best pizza in town. I had 3 slices, which might account for that 11 points over.

Weight Watchers on Initial Weigh In: 224
Weight Watchers on 12-10-13: 216.4
Total: 7.6 pounds LOST

Notes: Again as far as Weight Watchers is concerned, the movement has been steadily down.


So…we’re into the Christmas season and we’re into the cold season, and these are my main challenges for the foreseeable future. Last night, dutifully, I recorded this comfort food Japanese surprise binge. Mmmm…Oyakodon, but who knew that it was *that* high cal? I do…now.

And I gave in to the Puppy Chow that’s been calling my name from the campus coffee shop for three days. I was actually surprised at how good a deal it was…about 4 points for 2/3 a cup. There’s chocolate, and there’s peanut butter and sugar, but apparently, those babies are still mostly Chex.

I still have about 20 points left in my pool. That’s not bad, but I clearly need to slow down on the indulgences. I still have five more days this week before the next meetings, and for one of those days, I’m off to a really tasty Italian place.

There will be no Weight Watchers meetings when the college is closed. These reports will continue during that time, although there will only be Wii weight. If I can stay steady over Christmas, that will be a win, but I am going to try to actually continue to lose and exercise. These are the habits I need.


It does help with your exercise when you’re pretending to be single, though. I’ll give it that.

See you guys maybe Friday. Tomorrow I gotta place a few students, check A LOT of exams, and figure some grades.

Writer Tamago’s Top 12 Films for 2013

Should I be checking papers? Well yeah. Am I? Sure I am. Believe it.

Or, if you don’t believe it, come over here and check out my top films list for 2013. I know what you’re thinking. Cath, another part of the The Hobbit comes out this week. You’re going to see About Time tonight. And what about Walking with Dinosaurs? Walter Mitty? 47 Ronin? Hmmmm????

I got one answer for you. Editing, baybee, editing. I suspect that of those films, Walter Mitty could make the cut. And if it does, I’ll refer you back here.

A couple of reminders of the mighty Tamago list. The only criteria is that I have to have seen it for the first time this year. That doesn’t mean that it needs to have come out this year. It means that any random stuff that I’ve seen for the first time could be in here. Got it? And these are in no particular order of preference. Here we go.

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Getting in Shape: End of Week 6

Wow. So, there was this week where we came off the Con, and I only exercised for 6 points. That was kind of pathetic. I was colding, so there you go.

And then there was the week of Thanksgiving, where I maxed out at an incredible 41 points, walking around airports and Disney and the like. And yes, I was pretty honest about it, neither exaggerated or low key.

This week we’re more or less back at a normal pace.

How’s about the weight then? At the end of Week 5, there was no meeting, because of the holiday. That brings us to this Tuesday, the end of Week 6.

Beginning Wii Weight: 223.8 (My heaviest ever after this summer.)
Wii Weight on 11-20-13: 215.4
Total: 8.4 pounds LOST

Weight Watchers on Initial Weigh In: 224
Weight Watchers on 11-19-13: 217.4
Total: 6.6 pounds LOST

The Weight Watcher’s scale picks up a tiny loss, but the home scale a tiny gain.

What happened: Disney was a food orgy, but I counted all the food and exercise. I did attempt some moderation and parsimony, but I also failed (Cuban food, ice cream, etc). The coolest thing, though, is that when I stepped on the scale at the first available opportunity, Monday, I HAD NOT GAINED ANY WEIGHT ON THE DISNEY VACATION. So that’s the advantage of maintaining 215 pounds, as to, say 165. That’s not great news, but it doesn’t suck either.

Now that I am back in the land of real people eating real food on a real budget, I am much more optimistic about next week.

It’s important to note two things here:

As far as Weight Watchers is concerned, my only movement is down.

Today on the Wii, I weight 213.2 pounds, which bodes well for my weigh in next week, as I have no plans to return to Cuban Food Paradise (Bongo’s), Be Our Guest, or even T-Rex (an extinction every dinner!) for quite some time.

Gods, I love theme dining. Dinner under a glacier or in the Beast’s torn to shreds study. Yeah. Home just doesn’t have atmosphere.


Okay. So, next week, an earlier report.


Day job is full of day jobbery. We are wrapping up the semester and I am registering new students, plus starting to plan out next semester’s curriculum, and there really hasn’t been day or night time. Alas, I have become the “here are my excuses” journal writer.

HOWEVER, the Disney vacation was grand. And the insanity of orientation, registration, and holding a writing workshop and being treasurer at the same time, well, let’s say that was handled better than it might have been in the past. Not perfectly. I’ve had some stress drama and attacks, but David is pleased with my plans and approaches for getting better. A work in progress. The motto over break: Did you treat yourself with the respect you deserve? We think one more appointment and things will be well in hand.


Disney over Thanksgiving? Would I do it again? My motive for going was Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, which they stop early in December. Guess what? They stop it over Thanksgiving too, so we will have to wait until retirement to see it. It was very much like our Christmas trip a few years back, perhaps a little less crowded. We won’t do this again. Our next trip to Disney parks will be summer, or, if we’re lucky, an overlapping spring break.

Particular highlights this time:

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