Getting into Shape: End of Week 8

Um…so WTF, Week 8?

Let me explain that. A stressful early week caused me to plan poorly and use many of my flex points in my Weight Watchers pool unwisely. I kept track of exercise and overall input, and I was like a full day off in my points for the week. In short, I ate last week’s 7 days like they were 8 days.

I’m also on steroids this week, and have had to eat a couple of snacks to keep the pills from affecting me. Steroids usually make me gain weight. So, I am mystified.

I didn’t let these problems go unchecked. I exercise for 42 points, mostly stepping while watching television, but also some snow scooping and some stretching. I kept track of all the food. And the only thing I can figure? Well, I’m exercising a lot more than I was, and even though I indulged during this week, I would guess that since I’m not eating pretty much whatever I want, (and I did by ignoring some of what I ate, or lying to myself about it being okay) at an over 200 pounds weight one loses weight if one exercises more and eats less sweets, even if one is not religious about the Weight Watchers plan.

I just usually don’t drop a huge chunk like this in one week. Given that I didn’t relax or meditate, and I ramped up my stress on food, well, I can’t explain it. I’m not knocking it, but I can’t explain this kind of loss.

Beginning Wii Weight: 223.8 (My heaviest ever after this summer.)
Wii Weight on 12-17-13: 209.7
Total: 14.1 pounds LOST

Notes: I expected to gain this morning. I weighed in late Sunday and was 211.9, and thought that was fake. Yesterday I scooped snow and didn’t have time to weigh in. Today’s weight at 5 am knocked me flat. That means I lost 4.1 pounds this week. Unexpected and a bit on the unsafe side. I did weigh myself upstairs to see if the machine was broken, and no, it looks like that too. Ah well. If the trend continues, I’ll talk to my doctor. Right now I’ll just be grateful.

Weight Watchers on Initial Weigh In: 224
Weight Watchers on 12-17-13: 213.2
Total: 10.8 pounds LOST

Notes: That means I lost 3.2 on their scale. Pam, the leader, told me that this can happen if you’re following the plan. Which I’m not exactly, but she told me not to worry. So, okay.

This brings me down to 30 points for my daily total, with the same old additional 49 pool for the week, and any exercise points I can earn. Also, I am a mere 0.4 pounds away from my 5 percent goal weight, which is awesome. That means I’ve lost 5 percent of my overall body weight. This should be a motivating factor over Christmas.


There will be no Weight Watchers meeting at work for the next two weeks, because I will not be at work for the next two weeks, but I will continue to monitor the Wii weight, and update you on my progress. This week I already know that I am eating out tonight (something quick before registration), Thursday (dinner with a friend at a nice Italian restaurant), and THREE potential time bombs this weekend (lunch and supper with Des Moines friends, lunch again next day with Bryon’s mom), so I am truly working hard on saving my points. Not like last week when I let the stress be my guide.

This afternoon when I get back from the meeting, there’d better be some stepping as well, although I get some free points for unloading and loading orientation all by myself. 🙂 I’m also buying some lower calorie snacks for the hols. There will be a lot of food around, but if I stick the candy in the freezer and limit myself to one a day IN THE FUTURE, that will minimize it. Christmas desserts? Just can’t have them at every meal until they’re gone. Etc, etc, etc.

Sounds good right now, yes? So, here we go.

Author: Catherine Schaff-Stump

Catherine Schaff-Stump writes fiction for children and young adults. Her most recent book, The Vessel of Ra, is the first book in the Klaereon Scroll series. She is currently working on its sequel, as well as penning the middle grade adventures of Abigail Rath, monster hunter.

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