Time Machine to Saturday

And we’re back. The good news? Not too much spam. The bad news? Internet withdrawal, and no traffic. Mark tells me we were taking up too much of the CPU of the server. So, he’s made some changes on the back end to see if that helps.

So, here’s the report I put up at LJ over the weekend on getting organized.


Spent my evening finding some potential new homes for soon to be orphaned stories. It looks like Drollerie Press may be folding up, and I know that Absent Willow Review officially closes its doors in December. So, both Sister Night, Sister Moon and The Love Song of Oliver Toddle will be circulating again, as will Mark Twain’s Daughter, when and if it comes home again. Empress Dark is currently on her last outing, before she is retired. She’s been about every where I’d like to send her.

Also, setting some goals tonight. My hope is to get the first draft of Victorianized Substance of Shadows laid out this October, so I can see what I really have, deepen it, and make it interesting. I have decided to use November and National Novel Writing Month to lay down some serious verbage on Abigail Rath Versus Blood Sucking Fiends, so, October will be Substance month, and November will be junior vampire hunter month. Perhaps that should be the other way around, but appreciate the irony and move on.

I feel really well organized. Got my yearly membership out to Querytracker. Plan to get a donation out to both Strange Horizons and Duotrope next week.

Would I like to be able to write this at Writer Tamago? Yes, yes I would. There ought to be a patch for website withdrawal when something like this happens.

That’s a wrap for Saturday. Woo! We still have a whole day tomorrow. The possibilities of what to do with it thrill.