Passing Me By

I’m home. Half asleep because I have taken my second delicious hit of codeine for the day. Which just goes to show you that you can’t power through this stuff. I’ve been sick for about 5 days, and have been working and playing anyway. Granted, the weekend was filled with sleeping every chance I had.

Now, I have ‘roids, antibiotics, codeine cough syrup, and a tendency to sleep. I hope to return to the world tomorrow. The betrayals of our body to our spirit, eh?


One of the ways we measure the passage of time is that we move on. Bryon and I cleaned out a trunk load of old costumes, wigs, and props, and shunted them off to his high school’s anime club kids. Only I’d guess about 3 more loads of that size, and I think we’ll have it well in hand.


Of course, the world has been carrying on during my mental absences. When I rejoin the world, there will be a few issues to catch up on. Until then, I sleep. Oh yeah. Mmmm…


The Humble Notebook

Fighting an Internet addiction that is keeping you from being productive? Trying to figure out how to get in touch with your more playful creative side?

Consider using a notebook.

As a pure experiment, I wrote yesterday’s chapter of Substance using a notebook. Yes, it was the usual crappy first draft, but I found it easier to access the plot points and the characterizations I wanted.

After doing this, I transcribed the chapter, and now I will embellish it on computer.

It doesn’t take me a whole lot less time to do this than it would for me to pour over it. Plus I focused on the story, rather than getting distracted, and that helped me access creativity.

Your mileage may vary, but I think I’ll be playing this way for a bit.


Internet Recluse

But not in real life. I spent the Labor Day weekend entertaining some out of town friends. Sunday and Monday I finished up my Harry Potter reading through book 3, relaxed with the husband after a couple of hectic weeks of beginning the semester, saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes, and just enjoyed the great weather.

Regrettably, Sunday, our dryer of 20 years died the death. Monday was also spent shopping and purchasing a new dryer. Once again I learn that I am not a fancy appliance person.


How’s the writing coming? Well, pretty good. Here’s a new recommendation for some of you, although there are good things and bad things about this book. Write. 10 Days to Overcome Writer’s Block. Period by Karen E. Peterson caught my eye while I was writing at Barnes and Noble last night. Bryon is spending a lot of time taking tickets for volleyball games the next two weeks. Teacher duty. Yay. I ran out of Potter, picked it up, and was suckered by pop psychology. Anyway, there was a Kurt Vonnegut quote on the cover. That was good enough for me.


Peterson, a PhD in psychology, suggests that people have one writing agenda with their right brain and one with their left brain. There’s a fascinating section in chapter 2 about how brains work, and how brains can be underdeveloped due to certain nurturing techniques or lack thereof. The book is full of ideas and techniques about how to access that creative part of your brain as you write, about how to try to keep that part of your brain from being too all or nothing.

In my own case, I discovered that my tendencies to dislike rewriting, but still require my work to be perfect, probably have some root in my upbringing. I’ve been playing with the idea of how I write, spending some time with my first draft in a notebook for Substance to engage some playfulness, and shuffling my writing tasks around to be more playful. I’m still writing for my allotted time, but I’m mixing it up a bit. Which is good. You know when writing begins to feel like writing your dissertation, that’s a bad thing.

Anywhoo, take a look at this book, especially if you need to jumpstart your creativity a bit. It’s a little more woo-woo than I’d like, but I’m finding it useful, so there’s that.


Imagine my delight today when I found the Static Shock entry in my trash bin. So you get that too.

I need to get back to some novel stuff. This was my little break. I’ll see you guys later on today. I may get an unplanned day off this week. I have a rather annoying sniffle. Bah.


Some Ruminations on Careers and Writing

What determines success in a life?

There are some writers who have managed to successfully mix very full careers with writing, and even a few who feel that writing might not have happened as well as it would have if they had had a lot of free time. In short, some writers say that the paucity of time makes them value the time they have more, and helps them to do something more important with that time.

This is me, trying to brainwash myself.

As you know, it has recently been suggested that I become a full-time administrator at work. The first step in this process would be a proposal suggesting the needed changes for the ELA program, and if the administration thinks change is a good idea, then it might be a reality. In as little as a year, or as long as never, this could happen.

When I initially picked up my coordinatorship 5 years ago, it turned out to be a mistake. I was extremely unhappy. That was a very different job than the job I have now. Thanks to the cooperation of my dean and the college, my job has actually become fairly pleasant. I have fought long and hard for that. Before the thoughts of a deanship came up, I was sitting in Barnes and Noble writing, thinking how nice and flexible my job was. Finally. Not too much to do. Just right.

Of course, as I got into the next two weeks, I discovered I was living the lie.

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