Unextreme Make-over: eShakti.com

One finds it absolutely wonderful to know people who know things. I’d like to thank Catrina Horsfield for sending me in this direction.

This is the first in a series of educational posts I’ll be making about my fashion image changes. I’ve already had my first make-up lesson that is geared toward my 45-year-old skin (unless you want the details, I have no plans to post that, and will start the make-up posts as soon as they go vintage.) And yes, it has made a difference. Lovin’ me some primer, I can tell you!

But let’s start with clothes. I haven’t had to throw out everything in my wardrobe, but new purchases are taking on a decidedly vintage flavor. I am also working more dresses into my repertoire, given that hour glass and vavoom factor I am trying to accentuate. So, last night, I visited eShakti.com

eShakti is a website that makes and sells custom vintage style clothing. You can buy off the rack for a special size, but you can also have clothing made to your measurements. You can also redesign the clothing if you want a different sleeve, neckline, or hem length. How cool is that?

While some of the other articles of clothing are good, dresses are truly eShakti’s strength. If you just browse the catalog, you’re sure to see something that strikes your fancy. Here are my first three purchases.

Contrast Collar Sheath Dress in Eggplant: This sweet little number has a very 40s vibe.

Ruffle Trim Cotton Dress in Apple Cinnamon and Black: And this dress is 50s house wife. With a pair of gloves, eminently suitable for a garden party.

Pocket Front Woodblock Print Knit Dress: I like the 60s look here.

I’ll be buying a few more dresses here, I’m sure. There’s a lot of fun stuff that combines both vintage and modern in an appealing way.


Terrorism Meta

Let’s start out by stating something that’s very important to understand. I am okay with capitol punishment. I support all the reasons you shouldn’t be okay with it, and I agree under most circumstances, you probably don’t need capitol punishment to do the job incarceration and rehabilitation can do.

But sometimes you get someone who can’t be changed, and is incorrigible. If we have someone we can’t trust to follow the usual social contract, we might have to do something about that.

Or, to put it as my 84-year-old mother-in-law put it, “We had to take old Hitler out. He had to go.”

So, what about Bin Laden, then? This isn’t for those of you who don’t want to read political stuff, so it’s under a cut.

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Robot Redux

Shortly before Easter dinner at our friends Aric and Kim’s.

Bryon: Aric was telling me about some guy who is making a lot of money e-publishing.

Aric: Yup. He’s supporting himself.

Me: Oh yeah? Well, there’s this other woman, and she’s been picked up by a regular publisher. Shannon was telling me about her.

Bryon: Well, maybe this is something you should think about.

Me: I don’t know. It’s an idea, but I think I’d rather go a more traditional route. These guys are outliers, you know.

Aric: There’s no law that says you couldn’t do both.

Bryon: Yeah. You could just, you know, get a pseudonym, and you could do something that would be easy for you to write. Say, you know, the Abigail Rath books. There’s not a whole lot of e-publishing for young adults and middle grade yet.

Me (tempted): Well, it’s a thought. Tell you what. Let me look into it, think about it. It wouldn’t be instead of regular publishing, so that’s something.

Aric: Hey, lots of authors who publish traditionally are doing it.

Bryon: And if it gets me that Lost in Space robot faster, I’m all for it.

(While this story will not have any sort of conclusion for sometime, this conversation is an excellent segue way into the second part of the E.F. Kelley interview, up very soon.)