Your TBR Stack is Breeding…

Mornin’, kids.

It’s Wednesday. I’m sitting here, dressed vaguely like Jackie Kennedy, with the intention of going into work at one. It’s the pearls and the three quarter sleeves.


Today’s first world problem? The thickening of my to be read stack.

There are four sources of my reading these days.

1. Books and stories by authors I know–both the books that are completed and published, and the books I am reading for critique.

2. Books I would read because I am interested in the topics and stories.

3. Books I read for book group, which expand my overall view of the field.

4. Books I read for research for my own work.

This TBR stack is beginning to look…suspiciously like a working writers stack. I’m not sure how many writers belong to book groups, but I’m pretty sure that most of us hit 3 out of those 4 criteria on a regular basis.

I used to have a pretty rigid rule for the TBR stack–no more than the width of my writing desk. If it got over that size, it was time for me to lay off buying books for a while. That worked for about a year.

Now? Well, people have begun giving me books. I’ve been winning a lot of great books. I received my first ARC out of the blue because of Writer Tamago: Factotum (book 3 of D. M. Cornish’s Monster Tattoo series. YES, I do want that book, but it does make me think.

There will always be books I want to buy. There will always be books I buy on a whim. I will always want to see what my writing peers are doing, and offer feedback. Is this going to continue, the free book rain of the universe? How will it affect my book buying habits?

It seems to be another marker of the writer. Reading breeds reading. Getting books breeds more books. The karma of the universe senses your book needs instantly and sends them your way. And you just keep getting more and more books.

How do you guys keep up? Do you even try? Do you abandon writing, and set up a book review site? Or do your books become articles of furniture?

Eh. I’ve got to finish up interneting, and move on, so I can become a problem in someone else’s to read stack.



I have returned from the Temple of Sacred Cake Dissection. Much happiness and felicitations to Aric and Kim upon the advent of their nuptials!

Um. An interview and a book review/interview out currently. As soon as they come home to roost, you will see them here!

And. I am working my way through rewrite 4 at a pretty rapid clip. My fantasy is to have chapters 6 and 7 modified by the end of the week. I’ve received some valuable input from a fellow VP’er about some rearranging, clipping, and chapter shortening that I thinks is spot on.

I’ve read Magic Bleeds. You know what I like about the Kate Daniels series? It’s sexy, but there’s much more than sex. That’s not the motor of the book. Nice work again, Ilona!

Right. I have 17 minutes to produce SOMETHING before I head back for a meeting with a couple of teachers. Perhaps in night class tonight I’ll be doing some writing.

How are you? These days I don’t seem to have time to read through a bunch of journals, which saddens me.


Random Bits of Randomness

I’m getting a lot of spam in my filter these days. The good news is that it’s going in my filter. But I’m going to have to get a big bushy tail, so, like a wildebeest, I can wave the spam away.

THAT was a weak analogy. Then again, it’s not every day you can sneak in a wildebeest reference. I’m going with it.


I am trashed today. Just totally trashed. I will grant you that we’ve been running non-stop day and night for about 3 days, and we’re not used to that after summer. It sure doesn’t make for being an awesome machine of efficient awesomeness.

There’s going to be another quiet weekend, although if I’m lucky tomorrow, I’ll get a post up (see above. The wildebeest isn’t getting much done in the office right now, so maybe not.) There’s a discussion about women and beauty in public, and I have…an angle. Or two.

I also want to talk about my stack of books, and how this is a growing, rather than diminishing problem, sometime.

This weekend, however, is the joy of nuptials for our good friends Aric and Kim in Minneapolis, so we’ll be running up there to sign a license. While we’re not doing that, I’ll be running around with old friends from my costume queen days.

Now, if only these rating scales for courses would do themselves, I’d be satisfied with what I’d done today. Oh look…a meeting. Guess they’ll be here tomorrow.

Project Runway tonight. Maybe a bomb will fall on Gretchen.

Disjointedly yours,



A couple of plugs have come to my attention from a couple of writers I know.

Writer Michael Jasper and artist Niki Smith launch the first issue of In Maps and Legends, their cool comic. You can buy it in a variety of digital venues.


J. Kathleen Cheney‘s novella “Snow Comes to Hawk’s Folley” is out in Panverse 2. I had the good fortune to read the this novella back in the pre-publication stages, and it’s a worthy successor to “Iron Shoes.”

Go out. Read. Enjoy.