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Hanging out with writers and artists while minimally writing can be a bit dangerous. It makes you feel a bit like you’re productive when you’re not writing all that much. You feel cool and hip. You’re networking and talking to neat people. Word count? Not so much. Gotta get back to that solitary writer thang in November.

On the other hand, this has been one of the coolest months of my life. Viable Paradise has transformed me as a writer, I’ve finally gotten to meet Jim, and in less than three days I’m off to my first World Fantasy. I could get used to this, if I can find a way to get more Bryon into the system.

I’ve been getting some very helpful feedback on the first 5 chapters (thanks Brent and Miranda!) and some more is coming! It may delay getting the book to the almost agent, but if it improves the book, all to the better.

Folks who have volunteered to read the whole draft–I’m taking you up on it, but I am holding out until I have a whole manuscript to give you.


Icon was pretty good. Nevermind that the weekend was a blur as Bryon and I facilitated getting Heather and Jim from place to place, and getting them fed, and making sure some of them got shrubbery. Nevermind that.

What’s really awesome about Heather and Jim is how down to earth both of them are about what they do. Heather is a well-traveled interesting person who has diverse interests and makes her living doing many kinds of art. Jim is accessible to fans and has a sense of showmanship and humor. They were not high maintenance guests in any way.

I do feel a little sorry for Jim. Icon gave him two stickies’ (schedules were on stickies) worth of things to do at the convention, often alone. That was one hard guest gig. Yet, he was good-natured and pulled it off with grace and aplomb.

Jim and I have a few things in common. For example I find his openness about his years as a rape and sexual violence advocate admirable. I have a similar platform on my journal as a survivor. Jim has a serious side, as those of you who have followed him know.

Mostly, we spent time bonding and sharing our sense of humor, vaudevilling on panels together, and talking about writing. I am now the proud owner of a Jig tattoo. Most excellent. The highlight in many ways was Jim’s reading. I’ll be looking for Strip Mauled pretty much so I can own the werewolf muppet story. Which is just wrong, but hilarious all the same.

So. Good weekend. In November there will be pictures. Yup. Because this week is all about getting ready to go to California.

Jim should be writing up some sort of epic on Icon later. I’ll link to it then.

Look for my World Fantasy schedule soon. I’m on one panel, Academia and Fantasy. Came as a total surprise to me.


Author: Catherine Schaff-Stump

Catherine Schaff-Stump writes fiction for children and young adults. Her most recent book, The Vessel of Ra, is the first book in the Klaereon Scroll series. She is currently working on its sequel, as well as penning the middle grade adventures of Abigail Rath, monster hunter.

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  1. Jim is most excellent people.

    And I’ve been taking to calling October the Write-tober month. Did VP, did Writer Retreat, attempting to get other writer things done as well. October just seems to be the crunch month for writing.

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