Rain, Travel, Books

See Cath travel. Travel, Cath, travel. Travel, travel, travel.

Watch it rain. The rain is wet. Cath likes rain.

See Cath eat. Silly Cath! Don’t eat a donut for lunch! No food. Oh well.

See Cath read. Cath reads Ballad. Ballad is perfect. Cath likes Ballad.

See Cath read. Cath reads Superpowers. Superpowers has good characters. Superpowers has editorial comments.

Cath goes to a party. Cath meets interesting people. Hello, Steve Bucheit! Nice to meet you.

See Cath sleep late. Tired Cath! Cath was up at 3:30 in the morning.

Cath waits for workshop. Should Cath go see a lighthouse today? Should Cath work on the troll story?

Cath must think. Think, Cath, think. Think, think, think.

(I’ll probably do a little site seeing today before things get really, really busy. That was a long travel day yesterday!)

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