Saving Up Karma

Here’s me not posting! What’d I tell you?

But really, there are some things to tell you.

Healthy Living Update: The era of running is over in a mere three weeks. College knee returns with a vengeance. Well, that just means that we stick with the elliptical, and we do a lot of Shimmy, which is more fun anyway. I have a date with my fellow dancers tonight!

Blood is Thicker than Water Update : Forte earns his pay check.

Review of Needles and Bones: It seems to be a good one. Way to go, NB writers!

And…I was accepted to Viable Paradise 13. Discuss.


To celebrate, nothing better than a night of curriculum writing. Can I party or what?

Did I mention 😀 ?


CONvergence Rough Sketch

ETA: Ilona Andrews adds Paragraphs 29 and 30 to the Paragraph Project.


Hello! Long time, no post.

It was a good CONvergence in Minneapolis. I think I’ve finally had that vacation I needed this summer, as I feel relaxed and not toasty. It seems that just getting away from the job stress has worked wonders.

So. Shout outs to Caroline Stevermer for sharing Thursday morning with me. We had a lovely breakfast and coffee, and enjoyed talking writer stuff. Also to my reading buddies from the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading: Catherine Lundhoff, Lyda Morehouse, and Kathryn Sullivan.

Thank you to Aric and Kim for being such good hosts this weekend. It was nice to hang out with both of you and relax. And thanks to Mark and Michelle for special cat maintenance.

Patrick Rothfuss and Kelly McCullough were fine guests. I saw Rothfuss on more panels and found him very entertaining. Mark, we had him sign your book special-like.


Right. In theory, I’ll be scarce this week. I say this often, and end up posting during my scarce period, but the plan is for me to abandon my novel this week, hole up in a secret curriculum bunker in Ames, Iowa, and write the rest of my summer curriculum. Yup, I can do it. I’m ready for the big push.

With Monday’s usual installment of Blood aside, of course.

Then the rest of the week will be preparing for my big family reunion. Next week I should return to writing as normal, and maybe some satisfying of my sewing muse as well.

Now to read a few days worth of online life.