Trolls Sing the Blues

This morning, before the workshop, I thought I would put in some time on the troll story. It was hard going. The clouds are covering the sky in full force, and I believe now that it affects my whole upbeat/downbeat mojo. We had a morning of mishaps on the way to the gym: a train that took 10 minutes, a delivery van that cruised up our main road at 45 mph, and finally Bryon getting an eyelash in his eye, to the extent that we pulled over, and I drove him the rest of the way to the gym so he could wash it out.

Life in Iowa. One big adventure.


First of all, the troll count. I’ve halved my initial word count in the meter, because right now I’m concentrating on part one. I may have less words than this. Based on current projections, it could be 35K-40K, but we’ll give ourselves the extra room. I’ll get this first part in good shape, and start on the college section. I’d guess that I’m about 2/3 done with the first draft of the first part, and then I’ll go through and really dig in.

Today I finished the Nick scenes. They are really rough, but we have that arc pretty well mapped out now.

Starting tomorrow, I write the Widow scenes. Lots of the threat of eating children in the Widow scenes, and we get to know Sigurda and Manuel better.

29750 / 45000 words. 66% done!

I hope you’re all doing well today. It’s ironic after how up I was about writing last week, but today, I’m kind of tired. I’ll keep at it, writing and sending. Every once in a while, though, we all get tired of no and maybe. Writing. Not for wusses.

*shakes head to clear it* That’s all the wallowing you get, woman! Get to work!


Monday at Wiscon

There isn’t too much more to add at this point. Up early again, but of course, six hours of sleep feels so much better than 3! I went to Tech Tools for Writers, which already has its own entry. After that, it was the sign out which was fun, because you get to talk to authors about their books.

Some of my friends wondered why I wasn’t signing. Needles and Bones is electronic. Um…yeah. Next year, with Hulk Hercules, I’ll be signing. With a little luck, I’ll be giving away Morty Moose tokens as well.


Today, and for most of the next two weeks, I’ll be in a seminar on the Mahabharata. We’ll see if I learn something.

I’ve finished Frankie’s project, and now, we’re back to trolls.