Projects in the Pipe Update

For those of you who are wondering what happened to my Facebook account, and my MySpace account, I’ve just deleted them. MySpace wasn’t doing anything for me, and as to Facebook, well, wave an intellectual property flag in front of an academic, and see what happens. I have found it to be more of a social tool, rather than a writerly one, but I find that there are alternatives to getting the word out about your writing. I also wonder how many writers will continue to use it if it wants their content. I am sorry about disappearing to those who were there, but I’m not about to risk the rights to my words for something as goofy as FaceBook, which, quite frankly, I’ve never gotten into the groove of.


The edited manuscript for Hulk Hercules is officially on its way back to me. I’ve received the editing letter this morning, and actually, there isn’t a lot of tweaking. More like some polishing and highlighting. Sonya and I negotiated a month, and I’ve wisely planned its due date to be the week right after spring break, just in case my work life gets out of hand.


I mentioned last week that I had sent the edits of Sister Night, Sister Moon back to Drollerie. Deena and I talked about putting the novella in Drollerie’s Things That Go Bump in the Night anthology, rather than publishing it on its own. I hope to reach a broader readership in an anthology, although I regret not having a beautiful muse-y cover for it. The anthology will be an e-anthology, and I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

And that’s today.


Solving the Braid Problem

Over here I’ve left my usually friends locked entry open, because I want to share my Valentine’s Day experience. I so love my husband.


In bed this morning, I figured out how to solve the faerie novel problem. I make it into 3 faerie novels. The braid strands will each be individual books. Well, duh, you say. But it did take me a bit to figure it out, yes.

Here’s what we’ll do:

1. Gossamer and Veridian–Janetta and Hero: This book will be about the coup, and the relationship between Janetta and Hero. All the Janetta lovers should get their fill, and it would answer why should we prefer Pyramus over Feldspar. (Cat, I think this one would make a beautiful graphic novel, but I have no idea how two people go about trying to get that published…however, we can find that out. 🙂 )

2. Gossamer and Veridian–Trolls at the Gate: This book will be about Iowa trolls, and Grant as a young boy. It will have bunad-wearing fairy godmothers in it, as well as trolls, and will be about the search for a missing baby with an addled king Pettigrew.

3. Gossamer and Veridian–The Storm Sisters: Rohren and Nasma’s romance. Melancholy, bittersweet, and full of action/adventure romping.

AND THEN, we’ll move onto Erynmir’s quest into the real world to find her father, AND THEN Pyramus’ descent into madness and role reversal, AND THEN the Kellinor book.

(Yes, I will write all these, regardless of publication. Just like those other 4 Klarion books. I’d better get crackin’.)


But first, honestly, The Empty Horizon.

Um…I guess one of the things I’ve noticed about Wellbutrin right away is that I am more focused than I have been for a while. It seems easier to make myself focus on tasks at hand, not get distracted (at night, I tend to wind myself up, and I can stop that now.) I also seem to be more analytical and clear about problem solving. As the recent Gossamer solution attests to.


Oookay…just a little excited about Valentine’s Day, about the story structuring and cycling, and positive feelings this morning. I’m not as manic as this post makes me sound. Just upbeat and happy. Yay!


We had 4 inches of snow last night, and Bryon’s out there all alone. I’ve got to wash up after my coffee, and get to it.


Take That, World Englishes!

Looking for something fun to do on a Friday night, I finished that paper on Japanese senmon gakko for the CCID conference. Eh, it’s a living.

I’ll be in Orlando, FL from February 28th to March 3rd. There’ll be a day of Disney in there. Disney is too cool to totally abstain from. March 2 and 3 will be full of professorial schmoozing.

Hmmm…I have to dress up for a formal reception on March 1st. I wonder if I have anything to wear…


Writer Outreach

I’d like to do some different things for a while here at Writer Tamago. Although I know that watching my word count meters is as exciting as watching paint dry (and who’d want to miss that, by jingie!), I think you might also be interested reading about other writers, their works, and ambitions as well as my own. So, here’s the plan.

I still intend to continue my write-ups on classic books as I read them (yup, I’m talking about you, Dostoevsky’s The Idiot), and my favorite movies, media and books. I still intend to talk about my progress and post some excerpts of my work as it comes along.

New things that I want to do as well.

1. Interview you. Right now, I have one interview out there, and one I’m thinking of sending off as soon as I get that one up and running. I’m going to work on interviewing people about a variety of things, with some writing questions, but mostly not writing questions. Mostly other things that have to do with writing, but not about writing itself. Although it might be cool to talk about your hobbies, your philosophies, other things that make writers well-rounded geeks people.

2. Talk to you about your projects. I would like to set up a promo day here, maybe once a week, where I could talk about your project and you. You could describe it, promote it, excerpt it, but it would be a venue for that, and would make the Tamago more interesting.

3. Write up reports about the research I’m doing. As I do research for a variety of projects, it strikes me that it would be fun to share. You never know when you’re gonna need this trivia.

Because life needs more focus for yours truly right now. If you’re interested in being interviewed about 1 or 2, comment, or drop me a line.


Dark Inspiration

I’d like to thank everyone who’s been kind enough to offer up support during my road to medical discovery. I appreciate it.

I was hit with some serious inspiration last night as we were driving back from Bryon’s uncle’s visitation. About anything familial gets me spinning right now, which is why my writing seems to be frenetic at the moment. I’m not wild about this. In general, I am tortoise steady with my projects. To be this frenetic makes me feel a poser, a bit.

In the dark of night, sitting in the car, the wind whistling outside my window, it occurs to me that now is the time to write a darker book than Gossamer can be. I continue to amass my Norwegian research. I’m enjoying that, and all of this will make good gumbo (good ludefisk? Is there such a thing?) eventually.

But no. This time in my life is a time to work on melodrama, anger, regret, and revenge; and I need characters who are going through those things. I thought I would return to The Empty Horizon. With a new dimension from how I first envisioned it, this retelling would include magic.

And the floodgates opened. And characters started whispering in my ears. And I realized I had a lot of work to do, but it seemed to me that this was a good path. So, that’s what I will do.

For the curious, more information about The Empty Horizon follows.

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Why I Read the Classics: The Count of Monte Cristo

Alexandre Dumas is one of my favorite authors. No one does adventurous camaraderie underscored by deep relationship like my man Alexandre. His books are thick, substantial, weighty, easy to fall into.

My favorite Dumas books are his Musketeer books. I have a strong identity factor with D’Artagnan, and I love the complexity of the Musketeers. I read the books at sixteen, and read them again and again. I always avoided The Count of Monte Cristo, because people said that was Dumas’ best book, and I so wanted the Musketeer series to be number one.

Two years ago, I read Monte Cristo. Everyone else was right, yeah, I admit it.

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The Rest of the Story

…I wish that heading were about a manuscript or an agent. However, this is the follow up to my health information. All of the blood tests show me to be healthy, which is a blessing. My thyroid is fine, so we have decided on the verdict of situational depression.

I’m not surprised I didn’t see this coming at some point in my life. My background is fraught with abusive episodes, and that would be enough, but there is also a genetic predisposition to depression. My mother’s depression was the monolith of a miserable childhood. As I told the doctor about her dark moods, she nodded as she worked out a prescription for Wellbutrin. As much as we try, we are our parents children, especially in regard to health.

Unlike my own mother, I have the option of taking action. I’ll be taking Wellbutrin for a month. The doctor suggests that cutting ties recently with my family has been the cause for this, and once she heard that, she suggested that I go back to counseling. I’ve been in and out of counseling as needed for a long time, and if nothing else, it will give me a chance to see one of the great heroes of my life, David, who has worked with me through workaholicism and stress reduction. Now, we have to work through familial divorce and probably some guilt.

Wellbutrin will also help with the really messed up dreams I’ve been having on and off since Christmas, the ones where people from my past life interact with people from my present life, and are never satisfied. Some how, it’s always my fault. I’d love to see those go away.

The other part of the plan is to exercise a lot. Apparently, that’s really good for depression too, and so I’ll see what I can do about getting some physical time in morning and night.

In a month, we’ll see how I’m doing, see if I’ve gotten the kick start I need.

And that’s where we’re at. I just wanted to keep the curious up to date.

Gotta go. We have a visitation for Bryon’s uncle to drive to tonight.


Today in Writer Land

Today in Writer Land, we worked on this lil academic ditty:

English Language Education and the Japanese Senmongakko.

CCID conference is coming up in 3 weeks, and I have to put a polish on the paper and the handout, and I have to organize the presentation.

Man, I know you wish you were me!

Caveat: It’s more groovy to write when you’ve taken Benadryl after a minor allergy shot reaction. I hope Iwahara sensei thinks so too. ;P