Supporting Your Work

First of all: Miyajima Pictures!

As I’ve been hopping literally all over the world, I begin to get a glimpse of how much work supporting those first novels and stories can be. I’m not traveling for my books yet, but boy, my heart really goes out to all of you in airports, longing to be home, because right now, that’s exactly the position I’m in. We academics have to tour too, to keep our hand in.

Take home message for later in the career: plan more down time. I mean it!

It goes without saying that I’m off to Dallas for reasons I’ve already mentioned earlier in the week. I should get a chance to see Sonya, as well as some good friends.

Ready to be home, writing for a while. Heck, even just sitting. 🙂

You guys have a great weekend.


Good Bye, World Fantasy

I just can’t justify an almost $900 ticket to Canada after our Japan extravaganza. On top of that, no one to share hotel with. The trip would be a huge amount out of pocket.

So, unless there’s some sort of Alberta miracle, it ain’t happening.

Which means I’ll hit our local Icon for a day, and run away before Bryon and Steve have their Hammer party.

Which also means I’ll take a close look at Potlatch in February. I have an international ed conference earlier that week, though, so it might not be the smartest idea I could have.

If this is the only place I have to start budgeting, I’m grateful I’m doing so well, given today’s trying economic times. My only regret is all the lovely people I’d meet. At this point in my career, it’s not a necessity, however, and I’ll be pragmatic.


Tonari no Internet

Translation: Internet next door.

Julie Rose: Writers and their Soundcasts highlighting Mark Teppo and Mandy Roth.

I would like to tell you that I am already for Portus, and I worked on writing and sewing last night, but let’s be honest here. Jet lag and convention living caught up with me. I went to bed at 8:30 pm and got up at 6:20 am. I even skipped the gym.

I do, however, feel somewhat less drained. Those time management vampires have, in fact, been fanging around my temporal arteries, so I got nothing.

Actually, over at the other journal, I got travelogue for Hiroshima.

Tomorrow, then, is full of possibility. So is today.


Various Writerly Announcements

Travelogue of Japan begins with
. So far, the gallery is florally heavy.

This week I’ll be at Portus, moderating the Portus YA Series, and reading Neville Longbottom and the Heroic Journey. If you’re in the area, feel free to stop by the Hilton Anatole.

On Saturday, the Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading at Wiscon had 15 attendees. Three of us read our work, and it was well received. Yup, enjoying the author life…


I’ve posted the next installment of Blood is Thicker than Water over at Las Habladoras.

Getting ready for Portus this week…


Writing Workshops

I’m thinking about writing workshops. I’m thinking about applying for Viable Paradise in 2009, provided I can get some material together after I’ve written Hulk Hercules. I think, if I were accepted, I could get the college to cover the majority of Viable Paradise.

I think about the idea of joining a writing group, but I think that to some extent it would get in the way of my writing time, so I think maybe that’s not my best idea while I am day job writer(TM).

Another thing I would be interested in is a writer’s retreat. There’s this really interesting workshop called Blue Heaven that would be a good model for one. Again, it would be good to write first, and organize later. So no, I can’t plan a workshop. Stop it!

I’ll just think about Viable Paradise, then, and try to take some anti-inflammation medicine for my Type A gland, which is trying to swell into the time I’ve carefully carved out for writing.

Can anyone weigh in on Viable Paradise, or Clarion West, or Blue Heaven? What do you think of these kinds of workshops? Have you found them useful as writers? I haven’t been in a writing workshop since 1987 during graduate school, so I’m a bit rusty!


This Week at Las Habladoras

(actually, this is the I’ve been in Japan, catch up version, and encompasses more than one week!)

The prologue to my Victorian Action adventure novel Blood is Thicker than Water is now live.

Cat posts her 4 Seasons pictures!

Jenn talks about I Should Be Writing, Mur Lafferty’s podcast, Scrivener, and Self Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King.

Yo discusses amusement at the office, and well, naked defense.

Go on over! Here!


Around the Internet

Catching up with some stuff on the Internet…

Julie Rose has her interview with Mark Teppo up at Writers and Their Soundtracks. It’s a mighty fine interview, given by someone who actually thought about their questions. Darned that Mark Teppo! Makes me want to raise my intellectual bar. Or something.


I mentioned this before, but now it’s time to get down to brass tacks. Members of our creative group have formed a blog called Las Habladoras. The name comes from Spanish, and it means the chatty ones. I’ll try to update you when our group posts something, but let me tell you about our cast of posters.

Jenn Racek: Jenn will be talking about writing education, tools and tips, a particular passion of hers.

Yolanda Joosten: Yo is going to be focusing on character development and humorous stories from her work as a lawyer.

Cat Horsfield: Our resident artist will be talking about her artwork, both finished and in progress.

Julie Rose: Julie is currently thinking about her angle, but in the past she’s done interviews, vocabulary, and mythic information, so I expect something similarly caliber. We all owe Julie for setting up the site (*bows* we’re not worthy!)

Catherine Schaff-Stump: Serializing a Victorian action adventure novel, first in writing, and then via podcast.

We’re planning on posting, each of us, once a week, and we hope that you’ll stop by.

Speaking of posting once a week, I’d better do something about that. 🙂


Convention Announcements

Are you going to be at Convergence in Minneapolis this weekend?

I’ll be participating in a Broad Universe Rapid Fire Reading on Saturday at 3:30. I’ll be reading an excerpt of Sister Night, Sister Moon, soon to be released from Drollerie Press. Check your program book for final details, but we’re supposed to be in LL Lit.

I’ll also be participating on the YA Literature Panel in room A6 at 9:30 on Saturday.


At Portus in Dallas next weekend, come see YA authors read both Friday and Saturday at the YA Reading series in Grand C from 10-12. I’ll be there facilitating and introducing. Also, the authors will be signing autographs in the vendor room from 2-4 both days.

On a more academic note, come hear the Neville Longbottom paper from 11:30-12 in Obelisk A.

Okay. That’s enough pimpage.


ETA: Rejection from Jennifer Schober of Spencerhill