Novel by October 1st?

Several people I know, am getting to know, or know of are working on cranking out a first draft of a novel by October 1st.

Guess what? Me too! But you knew that.

Anyway, I’m in, because, well, I’m doing this anyway, natch? How about you? Are you interested? Sixty days isn’t quite as insane as National Novel Writing Month, you know.

C’mon, you know you want to try out that new idea. You know you do…


Herc-o-Meter: Modern Gods Website

Another day, another word count. A very productive day in Hercules land.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
6,376 / 75,000

The answer to yesterday’s question is that Hercules killed the hind of Diana, which is always a bad idea.

Today’s question: How did Hercules get out trouble with Diana and Apollo for killing Diana’s hind?

And Hercules’ Words of Wisdom:

“Ookay,” said Tony, confused. “What are you choosing?”
“I was thinking I’d make a great reporter.”
“What happened to coroner?”
“CSI is pretty last year, bambino. Your turn.”

DON’T confuse this year’s hip career choice with last year’s.


Herc-o-meter: First Day of School

One of those days at work, but we did get a little writing in at the end. Any words I get ahead are good words.

Yesterday, Yvonne was right answering the Hercules trivia question. In Greek, Heracles is named after Hera, to try and gain her favor, which Zeus seldom failed to do.

Today’s trivia question: Hercules kills the deer of which god? What happens after he does it?

And today’s Hercules words of wisdom, mostly addressed to Orson Scott Card, where ever you are!

George reached out and pinched Tony’s tummy. “Yeah. Rollie and pollie.”
“Don’t be gay, George,” said Tony.
“Uh uh,” said Mrs. Weinard. The voice of authority came from just behind him. “Watch your language, Mr. Vanelli.”
“Um—don’t be stupid, George?”
“Better. Get to class.”

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,620 / 75,000

Herc-o-meter: Big Sister Blues

Lots of familial exposition today!

Today’s trivia question: Who was Hercules named after and why?

Yesterday’s answer: Originally Hercules was slated to do 10 labors, but two didn’t count. The first was slaying the hydra, and it didn’t count because he had helped. The second one that didn’t count we’ll talk more about later, but the reason it didn’t count was because Hercules was paid for it.

And today’s Hercules words of wisdom from Nonna Sofia: The hero’s way wasn’t only the way of strength. It was the way of wits as well.

Tony takes his grandmother’s advice to heart:

“Later, Nonna,” said Tony. “Homework. If I study enough, someday I’ll figure out that I have to burn the hydra heads.”

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
3,919 / 75,000

Hercules: A New Beginning, Trivia, and Wisdom of the Gods

Already whacking parts of HH:PW. Last week we had a false start. This morning, in the car, we had a real start. Instead of working on the outline today, I wrote it down in an effort to capture the characterizations.

Several things about the characters life revealed them to me. I didn’t expect Tony and Bianca’s parents to be traveling academics–which explains why they’re staying with Nonna and Leo for this year, and gives them the opportunity to go further afield in the next book, if there is a next book.

At any rate, you should really be ready for this journal to get boring. All 3 of you who are reading. 🙂 Because ain’t nothing more exciting than watching a writer report their progress. Well, paint drying, you know. It’s exciting for the author, and I’m pretty sure it’s exciting for Sonya, yeah, but other than that, not so much.

No more exotic adventures in foreign countries for a while. Back in my real journal, I’m almost caught up to the current time in reporting my exploits. There will be more submitting…later.


I know you’re here for the Hercules. So, here’s the first of what I hope are many interesting Hercules trivia questions.

1. Why did Hercules have to perform 12 tasks instead of the 10 he was originally assigned?

And today’s Hercules words of wisdom: Iolaus bit back a scream that would have made him sound like a little girl. For Zeus’ sake! He was the nephew of Hercules!

(When you’re working with Hercules, you don’t want to scream like a little girl!)

Today’s Herc-o-meter!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
2,480 / 75,000

Can’t Stop the Muse-ic

It doesn’t mean much to y’all, but I’ve finished the ELA coordinator manual. Now those 28 pages are in the hands of others, and I wait for suggestions for revision, not unlike publishing.

I *could* begin the next step at work, prep for fall semester. That looks like a schedule and syllabi for two Elements of Writing class. Easy peasy.

Gotta have that carrot, though. I’ll be happy to start that, but after I give myself a little reward for being so diligent. What, may you ask? Food? God forbid! After this summer’s travel, not the way to longterm health. Sleep? Even in academia, sleeping on the job gets you the big ole frownie face. Yeah, I know you saw your almost retired 5th grade teacher do it. I do, but trust me.

Sooooo…… one of my new favorite sites:

The Brookfield Zoo, where Uncle Leo works.
I also spent my small break boning up on Hercules 12 Labors.

And…wait for it!…..drumroll…..eight days early….

the Herc-o-meter!!!

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
382 / 75,000

Yes, I’ve begun Hulk Hercules: Professional Wrestler for Cats Curious Press. It’ll be 1230 words a day to make my first draft count by October 1st, but if I can stack a little up in advance, I’s one smart cookie.

Hope you are all having great days!