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Started reading Hines’ Goblin Quest on the exercise bike today. I’m totally in. I care about Jig, I love the humor, and there’s character driven conflict. PLUS there’s the added bonus of years and years of cliche gamer D&D rattling around in my brain, just waiting to be twisted. I’ll be recommending this one to Bryon. The great news is that our book group will be discussing it in December. Almost all of them were or are gamers. They will have such a rollicking time with it.

Good work Jim! I’m sure it just gets better after page 30.


Worked hard last night after getting the last of the queries for Substance out, organizing the Neville paper excerpts. I’m almost through Rowling’s Order of the Phoenix. I hope, along with some packing odds and ends tonight, that I will finish, and I can write this paper on the trip.

Indeed, it does appear we will be writing this vacation as well as reading. There’s the Neville paper, the (barely started) ELA Director manual, and lots of curricular revision to be had. Of course, always, Hulk Hercules


My plan for Hulk is fairly easy: I crank out 1000 words a day from August 1st until September 30th. That will give me 61K, probably more than I need for the book. October and November will be revision, if I need that long. I can do that, especially with my release time. I’m looking forward to doing that.

I would love to be done with Hulk early, so I can get rolling on the curricular guide and an entry for the Interfictions 2 anthology. I have this ambiguous story about selkies that I want to work out. But I plan on things taking until December 1.


This fall, I will begin anthologizing a novel I wrote back in the early 90s that doesn’t suck–Blood is Thicker Than Water on a group writing site Las Habladoras, my writing group is cranking up. I could probably send the novel around, but I don’t want my first book to be humorous fantastic Victorian adventure. That was then, and I’m not sure I could write 5 or so of those books now. However, you might enjoy it. I’m also going to use it as an opportunity to learn about podcasting. So, it’ll take the place of my queries–so many pages a week, and then a podcast of a certain length a week.

Yup. Publicity stunt all the way. Absolutely. 😉

Off to mail said queries, throw a surprise party, and visit a flooding town for traveller’s checks.


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