Movie Mogul

Sonya and I wanted to wait to see how this came out before I talked about it here, but now we know, so I can.

So, the story goes something like this:

Drollerie Press, which has accepted Sister Night, Sister Moonsuggested that all of us Drollerie authors post our news at Publisher’s Marketplace. Good publicity. I thought, yeah, and I did this.

That made me think about whether or not we should do it for the Cats Curious deal. I asked Sonya if we should post a blurb about Hulk Herculesthere. Sonya said yes, so I did that too, and went on my merry way, back to teaching, writing, and snow management.

Flash forward to last Friday night. It’s been a hectic day at the radio ranch, so after work on Friday night I decide to look at my email and see if there’s anything I need to take note of. There is an unusual message from Sonya, to the effect that a woman has called her to ask about how to get in touch with me, if I have an agent, and would I be interested in selling movie rights to Hulk Hercules. Our first inclination was, riiiigggghhhhtttt. We were thinking this was something shady. I mean, where would they have heard of our book, and why would they be interested in it?

Detective work ensued. Sonya backtracked the number left on her answer machine. Shock! It was a legitimate production agency…Jane Startz Productions. As you can see from the link, Jane Startz has been responsible for Ella Enchanted, The Baby Sitters Club specials, and The Indian in the Cupboard. They’ve just settled with Judy Blume for adoption of her books. They wanted to look at Hulk Hercules to see if it could be developed into a film. They found the deal on Publisher’s Marketplace, and decided it looked like a potentially good project to develop.

Pardon me for a moment… WWWHHHHHHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Okay, I’m better now. It’s just that I’m so new to this stuff, when the adrenaline hits, you go with it.

Sounds good, right? There’s a small problem. The contract has been signed, and the book will be written. WILLbe written. Not is written right now. Shoot. There’s also a lot this writer has to do before she settles down to Hulk Hercules. That’s why it’s deadline to Cats Curious is December 1st, and I’m trying to get some time to write it next fall out of the college.

Here’s the good news. Jane Startz is willing to wait. We’ll send the book to them and see what they think when it’s done. Both Cat’s Curious and I stand to gain something by this IF they buy the movie rights. Being ethical sorts, Sonya and I are both going to work out terms. I wouldn’t be writing the book if she hadn’t come up with the concept, and of course I’m writing the book. So we’re partnering in, if it happens.

Of course, I’m going to keep trying to get an agent. I hope to have one by then, because I need someone who knows more about these things than I do, especially if they actually make us an offer.

You know, I’ve been seriously trying to do the writer thing since last year’s Wiscon. I expected the successes that I’ve had. I think one novella and one novel are good efforts for 9 months, and I think that my agent search has been successful overall, as I’ve had some good nibbles. THIS, however, came out of left field. I never expected this. I expected this maybe, in the long run, after I’d written a successful book and it’d sold lots of copies. Based on Sonya’s idea and my conceptualization of it? Now that’s luck. Beginner’s luck.

I thought I would share the story. Even if they don’t option our book, I have something to look forward to, just to send it off and see. The world is my oyster with three kinds of sauce.

Catherine B)

The Initiation Rites, etc, etc

Well, I thinkI’ve just sent Apex and Abyss The Initiation Rites and Incantations of the Junior Vampire Auxiliary, but I’m not sure, as it bounced. I received an acceptance message, then a bounce.

And then I sent a question about bouncing, which bounced. Which makes sense, if you think about it.

Anyway, if you know anyone at Apex and Abyss, let them know they’re bouncing. πŸ™‚ I’ll see what I can do about following up my submission later, if it looks like it didn’t really float.

Okay. I’m outta here.

Substance Queries

Since my make up class for my night class that’s been cancelled by snow was, in fact, cancelled by snow, I spent the night getting around this week’s queries:

Robin Rue of Writer’s House
Jennifer Lyons of Jennifer Lyons
Ginger Clark of Curtis Brown
Jennifer Jackson of Donald Maass

Two more weeks of snail mail AAR queries, and then we’re back to emailing.

We return to revising Abby and Vince this week, a little early than we thought we’d get to it in the plan.


Wiscon Planning

Last night Julie Rose and Catrina Horsfield and I gathered cozily on line and talked about our Wiscon plans.

We’ve got the swag and posterage worked out. Now, if I could figure out what to wear.

So, dear readership, what says “hip YA faerie tale writer” to you? Because right now, I have nothing to wear. Point me in the right direction.

(and for those of you who know me, no, really, NOT a costume)



from Jennifer Jackson this morning. I think it’s the perfect statement. It separates the desire and the misconceptions from the work of it. Because so many of us love the image, but we love neither the work nor the rejections.

“The real secret is to do it because you love writing rather than because you love the idea of being a Writer.” – Iain Banks (Guardian Unlimited, Feb 7th, 2008)


Substance Fini Yet Again

The snow day was good in many ways. I have worked out seriously, scooping snow for 2 and a half hours. (urgh? urgh!)

I have finished proofreading the revision of Substance and resubmitted it to Agent A.

It’s out with friends. I don’t pretend that this is the end of the line. I’m pretty sure that I’ve caught most of the dumb goofs, but I want that vital plot feedback.

Next week, it starts making the query rounds to the next 5 agents on the list.

Tomorrow, we begin revising Abby and Vince.

My brains feel a bit like mashed potatoes. You know, finishing a book loses its charm when it’s, what, like the 5th time…

But nevertheless…yay.


Snow Justice!

I find it very likely that I will be marooned once again in the middle of snow covered corn stubble deep in the heart of eastern Iowa, as once again, we are being blessed with about six inches or so of white powder. On a Tuesday.

Have I mentioned that I’m supposed to have a night class on Tuesday? I have met these students exactly once, although they have had another class with a sub.

Next week all of my writing time will be eaten alive as I host two make-up classes, the regular Tuesday class (God truly willing) and a board meeting on line Wednesday. I’m not bitter. I’ve had 3 Tuesdays off, after all.

Still, on my end, besides digging out tomorrow, I think if I’m home, I’d better be proofreading like there’s no tomorrow. Because, kind of, there won’t be for a while.

You don’t miss your day jobs. I know you don’t. Oh well, at least I’ve checked the grammar test, set up the lit class discussion group, and emailed the students. That is something.

Happy writing. Stay home, and may you have just enough, but not too much RAIN!


Substance Finished Again

The Agent A revision of Substance of Shadows is finished. It is now about 70.5K, as opposed to its old 85K length. I think it is more suitable for the YA crowd.

Now, I have to read it through for stupid proofreading mistakes. I hope to have it off to the agent who requested the revision before next weekend, and then we begin going back to the 5 agent a week approach.

If you’re still able to take a look at this for me, let me know. I have a couple of folks to send it to, but the more eyes, the wiser.

Next project will be a tightening/revision of the Abby and Vince story for Apex and Abyss.