Almost There!

Only eleven more pages of Substance to revise, and it’s done. I’ll be looking for some more readers, and I’ll be reading through it as while. My hope is to send it off as soon I’ve doublechecked it, and I think that will likely be by next week before I head for Minneapolis (February 7). If you can contribute anything before then, please feel free! As always, I am grateful.

If you’d like to see it and contribute, but can’t make that deadline, I’m also grateful. Just contact me, and I’ll be talking to you.


Started my Endowed Chair application to get time to write Hulk Hercules. Gotta have that done and in by Monday, February 4th.


Wiscon reading group is talking swag. Jenn has come up with some great ideas!

Don’t forget, guys, sign up for readings is tomorrow. We all need to sign up. Mention that you’re part of Catherine’s Schaff-Stump’s group for reading.

We so need a cool name.

Back to watching Gordon Ramsay cajole kitchens into submission with much censored profanity.


Chapter 11 and Errol’s Trial Revised!

With that little multi-layered task done, I have one more chapter to go.

I’ve decided to keep the poison plot from the old book for this one, but reject the break up plot, as that seems to happen a bit too soon and would seem manufactured in this version.

So, the new version of Substanceshould be done fairly soon, and come in at around 70K words.

Closer than I thought I’d get tonight. Pleased. 🙂


When Worlds Collide

The faculty development director at my college, upon hearing that I’d signed my second publishing contract in two weeks, suggested that I apply for an Endowed Faculty Chair next semester, to get some time off to write.

I’ve decided to do it. While I have yet to discuss the idea at length with Cats Curious, in part the gift of time will be to write Hulk Hercules. Because the grant is educational, in part I have to do something, you know, educational, so my plan is to write instructional materials to go with the book.

If the book becomes a series, while I won’t be able to get an Endowed Faculty Chair each time, I certainly could produce a series of materials to go with each book, say one to introduce kids to Greek Gods, to Roman Gods, to Egyptian Gods, that sort of thing.

But just Hercules and Greeks for now. IF the college likes the idea even.

Still, one less class to teach and more time to write are worth applying for.


Just Before Errol’s Trial

I’ve revised the rest of chapter 10, and the first three scenes of chapter 11, right up to just Errol’s trial. Now I take a day off to teach my night class, and to percolate.

Errol’s trial has to be layered. I need to add 3 layers to what currently exists, so it will be a task.

Then, in the after math, I need to work in an attempted poisoning, and giving Stephan his mission for the next book. I’m thinking of saving Errol’s relationship complications for the next book, but I’m also trying to think of a way to save the scene that gives the book its name by using it in another context.

We are in the home stretch now. I have less than 70 pages to edit. Unfortunately they are the 70 pages that are the most difficult to rewrite.

I’ll see you all in a couple of days.


Time to Write?

Contract sent off to Cat’s Curious today, so that’s in hand.

Thinking about applying for an Endowed Faculty chair at my college to get some time to do some writing. This would be for next fall/spring.

Well into chapter 10. Had to stop in the middle of what I think will be a good new scene. I’ll post it if it pans out. It sets up mystery about what happened with the first generation I’d write about, and I think will pique reader interest.

Lots of writing time tonight.


Substance Progress Continues

One more scene, and chapter 9 is in the bag. I added a new scene today that will require some sharpening, but I think it’s serviceable.

Other than writing today, I’ve been cooking terribly fattening chocolate oat bars , doing laundry, and getting ready for the Scottish holiday, Robert Burns birthday.

I should get back to writing. And another load of laundry.

Contract for Hulk Hercules

Hoohah! I have the contract for Hulk Hercules: Professional Wrestler in hand.

This is going to be a cool project. The thrust of this book, which could ultimately turn into a series for Cats Curious Press if it does well, is a group of 3 kids who are into classical mythology, and who discover what the gods are doing in every day life. The first god they encounter is Hercules.

My job will be to teach my readers about the myths that the gods are associated with, translate those myths into a modern context, and write an engaging book with an interesting cast of characters that will carry from story to story.

It does sound like fun, doesn’t it? 😉

I plan to start working on it this summer, which looks to be about as soon as I can.

I think I need to go to Chicago to do some research…


New Eyes

It’s like I have new eyes.

I worked through more of chapter 9, and there’s suddenly so much sharpening to be done that I just couldn’t see before. It makes me want to go back to the beginning and wield the editing scalpel.

But I won’t until I’m through the whole manuscript yet again, and then, when my kind readers are looking over the rewrite, I will turn those merciless new peepers onto it as well.

Needless to say, rewriting progress.


Website Updated; Drollerie Support Material Sent

On my website I’ve added pages for appearances and publications.

I’ve sent off a variety of requested materials to Drollerie.

Too pooped to work on Substance at this point, but I’ll get back to it tomorrow night. I’ve got 22 days left on the timeline to get it done. Doable!

We’re still working on getting a picture of me on the front page of Writer Tamago. It’s coming. I’d like to thank Mark for all his hard work.