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This is me, checking out my new ability to post from Writer Tamago to my live journal. You can comment at Writer Tamago, or here. With the able bodied help of my friend Mark, we’re working on making Writer Tamago more writerly.

Tamago is a Japanese word. It means egg. A piece of useful Japanese slang: if you are a “fill in the blank” egg, it means you are a new or beginning “fill in the blank.” I figured there would be very few Writer Tamago sites out there in name, although plenty in deed.

Today, the first thing to show off are my new writer pictures, which will be peppered here and there about the site. Here’s how you get to that gallery:

Let me know which ones you like! Thanks to afore mentioned able bodied friend Mark for taking these pictures.

And, by the way, I registered today, so as soon as we get all the nice new stuff ready to go, we’ll get it switched over to there.

La, la, la really am rewriting Substance of Shadows first.


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