The Klarion Scroll

I’ve decided to pull down the Klarion Scroll.

I had the idea that it would be a place where people would talk about writing, but there are lots of places like that out there, and a lot of my friends look elsewhere for information about me. With that in mind, I decided that since its primary purpose was spam magnet, it had to go.

Mark and I are going to be revamping the site soon–updating, changing the blog back into something readable, and giving myself a more professional sheen, especially once that I get Substancecirculating. I have been writing a lot, and I’m a little over half way through revising and reformulating the Substancemanuscript and beginning the great agent hunt.

It’s the next great mountain to climb. I know you all think I’m good, and you’re rooting for me. I’m not as intimidated at convincing strangers I’m good after the last Wiscon, and that’s the reason for the flurry of activity.

At any rate, after school gets going again, after a string of vacations and conventions, things will look different here. I’ll be trying to correlate this blog and a live journal site I have for writing which allows me to look at other writers journals more readily.

Thanks, all, for sticking with me. I know my internet legions have dwindled down to an army of what, 10, but we are mighty! However, I didn’t see the need for the Scroll anymore, and I’m sure you won’t miss it.