It’s like someone lit a fire. Here’s where we’re at:

1. Blood Submission at Delirium.
2. A revision of two short stories for a Gothic anthology from Cat Scratch Press. (in progress)
3. A READY TO GO book treatment and submission for Substance. (looking for targets now)
4. A READY TO GO Abby and Vince story at
5. Research into writing organizations
6. Research into agents.

We’ll be doing this thoroughly.


Now, the Sweating

Delirium Press invited me to submit a couple of books proposals to them. The sample chapters, outline, and notes for Substance of Shadows went out to the very kind assistant editor who scouted me at Wiscon. Apparently, that kind of thing does happen on occasion!

At any rate, now we wait. David says he’ll look at it at the end of this month, so I’m just going to play it cool, get the next book proposal, Blood is Thicker than Wateraround, and try not to be a writer egg on pins and needles.

Nah. Come on. I’m a Ph freakin’ D polished professional. I can do this. Sure.

🙂 🙂 🙂