Chapter One completed and into Chapter Two.

Ear infection slowing us up…no!

Also, have decided to put together a benefit anthology for friend with cancer to sell at Wiscon.

Needs to be a story about a woman character. Any requests on whom I should write about, those of you who know my stories? Ten page maximum.


Here’s Something

We revise…this’ll be all you get for a bit, but we are on task!

My mother passed away at night, just before an angry storm broke. The priest came in the evening to anoint her forehead and her feet, to send her ready to God. I listened to her breath rattle, and I watched her eyes dim as the fire dwindled to nothing but coals. When she was gone, I folded her arms over her chest and kissed her still warm cheek. I stepped outside into the wind, not sure where I was going. I thought I was going to go to my uncle’s home, to tell them that she had finally died, that, after days and nights of nursing her illness, her end had come.

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Begin Again Mercedes

Yesterday, I finished my research for the Mercedes beginning section of Empty Horizon. I think I have amassed enough information to lie successfully now. I also learned all sorts of great spinning words like “scutching,” and I understand how flax fibers are separated out to make linen.

Quite a bit of what I have written as a first attempt can now be made valid and real. I don’t know how much it will change what happens. Mostly what I need to change are atmospherics, so to speak.

So, this weekend I begin to write. 🙂