Interesting Things…

…last night I learned that I need to know more about Napoleon the Third and the Second Empire.

I’ve also been tracing down some interesting information on Marseilles. I didn’t realize it was founded by Greeks and Phoenicians.

Finally, I’m really, really surprised to find out how many minority languages there are in France: Breton, Alsatian, and Catalan, among others. It’s amazing that these languages have survived hundreds of years into modern times.

That’s today’s set of factoids. (That, and it would be cool to study Catalan in France or Spain to get real solid insight into Mercedes’ character, but we’d best not go that far.)


But I AM Napoleon!

I’ve been learning quite a little bit about the mad egoist, much of what will not be useable for Empty Horizon. However, it does beg the question:

How did Edmond Dantes avoid conscription? Fernand was conscripted. Hell, everyone was conscripted, unless you were ill, disfigured, or could buy your way out.

Or unless Dumas didn’t want you conscripted. 🙂

Well, two books on Napoleon, and I’ll be looking for a good book on historical Marseilles. Got one?