I have begun the rewriting and researching process for Empty Horizon. It’s a lot easier when you’re making this stuff up all in your head.

At any rate, if you know anything about Napoleon, the Catalan culture in France, Ali Tebelin, or France, Turkey and Greece from around 1815-1850, let me know.

Also, I need to know about spinning.

I’ll post interesting information as I find it.


Haydee Goes Off

There was that whole Thanksgiving thing, and now the Professor has to get ready to do some research in Japan on very short notice. The month long novel write is almost over and I’m going to make it, I’m pretty sure. Then I can settle down to going back over what I’ve written, doing some research to make it good, and comparing it to the actual book to make it accurate.

Besides all the business, the reason I haven’t posted any scenes here for a few days is that I haven’t really been stricken by any of them. However, this one cleverly emerged a few days ago, and even though I’m going to have to move its placement due to the book, it’s an all right scene, if skeletal, and I thought I would share it. Then, I’ve got to get right back to that grindstone.

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