Why I Write

Onto something diffferent. As I was (trying!) relaxing on the way to work this morning, I was thinking about what it is that I miss the most about writing, that no other aspect in my life, not evening costuming gives me.

It is…escape. Coincidentally, it is the same reason I read the works of my favorite writers and writer friends, although it actually works better for me, this escape, when I write.

Some of you approach writing like I approach costuming. It’s this thing you do to crank out a product that may or may not sell, may or may not merit prestige, may or may not be a goal or accomplishment. I costume for recognition and for the fun of pretending. Those elements my writing and costuming have in common, but honestly, the latter far outweighs the former for me.

How can I describe what happens to me when the writing is working, without it sounding like a nerve disorder? I get tingly and adrenaliney, endorphines released into my system, magic permeating my core. I live an adventure. There are, of course, things about my real life that I adore (Bryon, my friends, increasingly the family I have as they begin to behave). Writing seems to take the best experiences of my real life and multiple the feelings I have when I experience wonder and joy there.

I would NOT like to live the life my characters lead. I am very cruel to them, sometimes. Inasmuch as their highs are higher, their lows are lower. BUT there is some sort of magic there. I can feel it, and I guess my readers feel it too, because as I look at my work, it is often simplistic. Yet, those poetic images, the pacing, and the dialogue keep me coming back. The characters keep me coming back. And the plot. Man, am I good with plot! I suspect somehow that I can conveny that sense of story with words somehow to you, because you often come back with a similar sort of reaction to my work.

For me, it can never be about the money, or the prestige. These may or may not come. It’s like the lottery, this part, although three are tricks that you can use that will help you publish, like there are tricks that you can use that will help you win the lottery. It’s about the magic, the transportation, and the escape to another place.

That’s pretty much it. That’s probably why I need to get back to it, even when I’m tired. I think when I’m tired I want write well. Like exercise as of late, I often forget that writing is one of the things that re-energizes me.